Two-day and one-night trip to Mount Emei - Linxi Hot Spring Hotel in Mount Emei

Enjoy a comfortable hot spring holiday in Mount Emei, forget your troubles, and drive away fatigue; you can also watch the shocking sea of clouds sunrise at the Golden Summit, pray sincerely at the Baoguo Temple, and feel the rich Buddhist culture! Hotel location: Located on AShan Street, Mount Emei City, it is located in a natural geographical environment with fresh air and beautiful scenery! Hotel hot springs: The hot springs have abundant reserves and excellent quality. Every drop of water is rich in trace elements! The hotel has 8 bathing pools, the environment is excellent, both private and open, without blocking the view. Find a bathing pool that you like, warm your body and mind, and all troubles will disappear~ Hotel room type: The hotel has a variety of room types. Whether it is the Lin Su Quan Yun twin room or the Lin Yin Dan Bo double room, the decoration is very exquisite, with a strong Chinese style.
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Posted: Feb 8, 2024
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Linxi Hotel

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Near Emeishan Passenger Traffic Center|Baoguo Temple/Emeishan Railway Station, Emeishan
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