Emei Exploration|Coffee & Tea and B&B: Muren B&B Coffee

|Coffee & Tea and B&B: Muren B&B Coffee. Luomu Ancient Town, there are always different surprises. As a must-visit ancient town in Mount Emei, it has traditional special foods and has opened many shops with feelings. Muren B&B is one of them. It is a B&B, a coffee shop, and a tea house. It is a good place to read and write leisurely. As a coffee and tea lover, I walked in without hesitation, ordered a cup of coffee, and enjoyed the quiet afternoon. The first floor is the hall, which is also the main place for drinking coffee and tea. The hall is simple but not simple, and it is not lost in style. There is a yard outside, with a small wall facing the street. Although it is on the street, it is very quiet. Cars cannot be parked, but they can be parked in nearby parking lots. There is also an inner courtyard with landscapes and the taste of Chinese courtyards. Although it is not big, it is quite artistic to take pictures. The old house across the street is also theirs, simple and elegant, sunbathing and reading a book in the afternoon. The boss is a couple, they seem to have artistic accomplishments and are very enthusiastic. If you say you come to Mount Emei, you might as well go to Luomu Ancient Town to have a look, have a cup of coffee or tea, and feel the tranquility of the ancient town.
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Posted: Feb 9, 2024
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