Mount Emei, Sichuan ‖ ‖ Gleya Hot Spring Hotel, Mount Emei

Mount Emei, Sichuan ‖ ‖ Gleya Hot Spring Hotel, Mount Emei The Gleya Hot Spring Hotel is located at the entrance of the Emei Mountain Scenic Area, adjacent to the Emei Mountain Scenic Area and Baoguo Temple Scenic Area about five minutes by car, about 2 minutes by car from the Emei Lake Scenic Area, and about 5 minutes by car from the Emei Mountain High-speed Railway Station. Here, it is integrated into nature, surrounded by mountain views, but at the same time creates a comfortable living atmosphere. The rooms are simple and stylish, like young people who like to pursue individuality, the guest rooms provide rotating TVs. Whether watching movies/TV in the living room or bedroom, you can do whatever you want. The soft furnishings in the guest rooms are even more thoughtful, and the bedding is chosen as the 'breathable quilt' - goose down quilt. It is most appropriate to describe it as skin-friendly, soft, and delicate. The independent bathroom space, fully automatic drum washing machine, smart refrigerator, high-speed network interface, full WI-FI coverage and other guest room facilities are all available, allowing you to enjoy a warm and comfortable stay experience. The hotel's first floor has four indoor constant temperature hot spring pools, the water temperature is generally above 37℃, some are 41℃, close to the suitable temperature for human bathing: 37℃-42℃, the whole body is soaked in the hot spring, the comfort is great! A paddling pool specially set up for children, a round hot spring pool, cute mermaid tiles, full of childlike fun, here children can play and splash water~
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Posted: Feb 9, 2024
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