Accommodation recommendation in Emei, Huangwan

Huangwan Township is a tourist town characterized by Emei culture, mainly composed of Huangwan Shangzhen, Emei Mountain Gate Square (Zhongzhen), and Huangwan Xiaozhen. The town is located at the gate of Mount Emei, which is a beautiful corner embraced by nature. All the buildings here are in the style of ancient Sichuan, using a mortise and tenon structure, with sloping roofs, thin eaves, open and transparent, simple and elegant. There are too many homestays in Huangwan, a town full of homestays. Sightseeing on the Golden Summit, vacationing in Huangwan, this is not a false statement. Because hotels and homestays are very concentrated, the price is slightly cheaper. Huangwan is very close to the Baoguo Passenger Station and the Welcome Square, both of which can be reached by bus, and there is also a bus to the city. If you are touring Emei, you can take a bus from the tourist center here to Leidongping, which takes 2 hours. After getting off the bus, walk 1.5 kilometers to the Jieyin Hall, queue up from the Jieyin Hall to take the cable car up the mountain, and walk about 20 minutes after getting off the cable car to reach the Golden Summit.
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Posted: Feb 9, 2024
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Huangwan Town

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