A one-day trip to Mount Emei, checking in at the Mount Emei Theater

Only at Mount Emei|Grabbing the dragon's whiskers in the Year of the Dragon The Spring Festival is coming soon❤️This time I came to climb Mount Emei I didn't expect that only the Mount Emei Theater at the foot of the mountain gave a surprise The atmosphere of welcoming the Year of the Dragon is full And the cute dragon baby I really can't help but pinch the dragon's whiskers There are also big flower coats from the Northeast to celebrate the New Year During the Spring Festival This part under the cloud It's like going back to the village for the New Year Who can understand Then after I finished visiting Under the Cloud Wait until 7:30 to go to the theater above the cloud again The immersive performance inside It's not just sitting and watching the show But you can follow the guide Go to 6 completely different performance spaces Regardless of the lighting stage effects or the wonderful performances of the actors All shocked me I found out that it was still directed by Wang Chaoge For such a close contact with the stage play in real scenes It's my first time The location is relatively close to the Emei Mountain Tourist Center It's quite convenient Mount EmeiEmei StrategyEmei Travel
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Posted: Feb 13, 2024
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