Accidentally wandered into a fairyland of clouds and mist

This trip to Mount Emei ⛰️ was not in vain, as I ascended to the Golden Summit and saw the Puxian golden statue from all directions! Passing on this good fortune to everyone 🍀 — 🖼️ Summary: Mount Emei is worth it! But... Actually, before coming here, I checked the weather forecast and everyone's posts, and felt that during the National Day period, the weather would be overcast with clouds and fog, making it difficult to see a clear golden statue even if you reach the Golden Summit; secondly, there were too many people, with reports of long queues for the cable car from Leidongping to the Golden Summit during the first few days of the holiday, often involving several hours of waiting. We chose to go up the mountain on the last day of the holiday, staying overnight at a hotel on the summit to rest (the conditions were good), and got up early the next day to see the sunrise & Golden Summit. In summary, apart from being lucky with the weather, the most important thing was to travel off-peak, as we didn't encounter any congested crowds. Of course, the weather on the mountain wasn't particularly good early in the morning, we didn't see a very complete sunrise, and the golden statue would hide in the mist with the changing weather (P8), P9 is the descent through the clouds and mist. 📷DJI Air3 — 'Sichuan has many mountains of immortals, but Emei is unparalleled,' I hope to come again.
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Posted: Mar 23, 2024
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