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Help, taking photos at Disney is really photogenic, I will come again next time

Family members, you must suggest a trip to Disney on the weekend, taking photos here is really too photogenic 😭, even the casual shots look like a runaway princess from a fairy tale. Before traveling, I was glad to choose to transfer at Hong Kong airport with a friend. Don't forget to reserve time for going out to play in advance, store your luggage at the airport, and then it's about a 12-minute taxi ride to Disney~ ✅ About recommended attractions: 1⃣️ Grizzly Gulch Mine Cars A gentle version of a big roller coaster, but it's exciting because it can rewind and go backwards. It's worth repeating. 2⃣️ RC Racer A very thrilling ride at Hong Kong Disney, with vertical ascent and a feeling of weightlessness. 3⃣️ It's a Small World It really feels like a fairy tale world here, sitting in a small boat and cruising through the miniature world. 4⃣️ Disney's Storybook Time At 13:45 in front of the castle, Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck, and all the princesses from the fairy tales will come out for a parade. The scene is really dreamy, as if you've come to a fairy tale world. 5⃣️ Space Mountain Although it's an indoor roller coaster, it's completely dark and will drop rapidly and turn, giving a bit of a weightless feeling. 6⃣️ Carousel I really like playing this, not only is it romantic, but it also has a full fairy tale feel. ✅ Playtime schedule: The above attractions take about 3-4 hours to play, and then go back to the airport 2 hours in advance to rest and wait for the flight. There are many delicacies and duty-free shops at the airport to browse. For dining, I recommend Tonkotsu 8 by Santouka, the pork bone soup taste is really rich 😋; for souvenirs, I recommend visiting the Cookie Quartet store, for shopping, I recommend browsing duty-free luxury stores like LV, Chanel, and for photo ops, I recommend going to the Sky Corridor, where you can take close-up photos with airplanes. ✅ About transportation: ① You can take the high-speed train to Hong Kong West Kowloon Station, then transfer to the Airport Express at Kowloon Station to Hong Kong Airport, the subway takes about 20 minutes to get there. ② Or you can cross the border from the Shenzhen port, and you can also use the tax refund form to collect 120 Hong Kong dollars of departure tax at the tax refund counter. ✅ Play tips: ① Remember to bring your ID card + valid Hong Kong and Macau pass endorsement + power bank + Hong Kong dollars (exchange at the Global Exchange counter) ② Purchase an overseas data package in advance (search for 'zfb' to appear, select and purchase the corresponding data package for Hong Kong) ③ If shopping, you can use the airport app "My HKG" (members get cash coupons and shopping points, which add up to quite a savings)
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Posted: Apr 10, 2024
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