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The Dragon's Back hike in Hong Kong is a must-do for nature lovers and hiking enthusiasts. This iconic trail offers breathtaking panoramic views of the city skyline, lush green mountains, and the South China Sea. The hike is well-marked and suitable for hikers of all levels, making it accessible for both beginners and experienced trekkers. Along the way, you'll encounter diverse flora and fauna, adding to the charm of the journey. Don't forget to bring water and sunscreen, as the trail can be exposed to the sun. Overall, Dragon's Back offers a memorable outdoor experience amidst Hong Kong's urban landscape. #mytravelhacks #localguides #hongkong
Posted: Apr 15, 2024
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Dragon's Back

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Hong Kong hiking, these 10 routes are enough‼️ ||| People who don't understand will be very puzzled! Why does Hong Kong, a city where every inch of land is precious, have so many mountains to climb? Actually, Hong Kong is surrounded by the sea on three sides. Each hiking trail has its own unique features, and the coastline is very long. At the same time, there are two "forests" with many stunning scenic views. This time we recommend these 10 hiking routes. Get ready and you can set off! MacLehose Trail Sections 1 and 2 Total length of 100 kilometers, divided into ten sections, among which the first and second sections are most suitable for leisurely hiking. 📍Route: Beitan Yong - Wanyi Reservoir West Dam - Wanyi Reservoir East Dam - Langjia Bay - Xiwanting Longji Road Named the best urban hiking trail in Asia by Time magazine, walk along the mountain ridge and enjoy a 360-degree view of the sea. The downhill road is about 3km and leads to the famous surfing spot, Dalang Bay. 📍Route: Shek O Road near Tathland Wan Village - Tai Lam Chung Country Park - Tai Long Wan Lamma Island Family Trail The whole journey is about 6 kilometers, easy and leisurely, where you can experience the fishing village culture full of oriental colors, and also enjoy super fresh seafood. 📍Route: Banyan Bay - Fengcai Power Station - Hongshengyewai Bay - Lubin City Swimming Beach - Suogu Bay Tamen Island A paradise of freshness, Ta Men Island is a primitive island that well preserves its original ecological scenery. There are indigenous fishermen and some backpackers like to camp here. 📍Route: Ta Men Island - Big Grassland - Dié Shí Lion Mountain The embodiment of Hong Kong spirit, Lion Rock has many hiking trails with clear routes and steps, offering a panoramic view of Hong Kong's urban scenery. 📍Route: Lion Mountain Park - Memorial Pavilion - Lion Mountain - Wàngfū Stone - Shātián Hóngméi Valley Fei'e Mountain The mountain is about 600 meters high, and from the mountaintop, you can enjoy the spectacular view of the Kowloon Peninsula. In the evening, you can see the sunset and the glow of Hong Kong. 📍Route: Exit B of Rainbow Station - Qingshui Road - Baihua Forest - Fei'e Mountain Top Green mountains Altitude of 583 meters, the whole journey is a bit steep, it is recommended for beginners to bring hiking poles, the rocks are weathered, and the view is a beautiful desolation. The sunset in the evening is also very beautiful. 📍Route: Qingshan Temple - Qingshan Mount Damao Hong Kong's highest peak, with an altitude of 958 meters, is a popular spot for hikers to capture the sea of clouds due to its high altitude. 📍Route: Da Mao Shan Wild Park - Observation Deck - Da Mao Shan Weather Radar Station Fenghuang Mountain One of the popular spots in Hong Kong for watching sunrise, the best time to watch sunrise is from December to February, with little morning fog, thin clouds, and clear visibility. 📍Route: Bogongao - Fenghuangshan - Ngong Ping Dadong Mountain One of the popular spots in Hong Kong to watch the sunset, the whole journey takes 3 hours. The mountain is covered with golden grass and under the sunlight, it looks like a field of golden rice. 📍Route: Meiwu-Nanshan Ancient Trail-Dadong Mountain