Weekend Short Trip Inventory of 10 Towns Around New York|||

|||. Weekend Short Trip💐 Inventory of 10 Towns Around New York|||🇺🇸New York, USA, USA Travel Guide · 1、Hudson|Antique Town If you like antique furniture, don't miss it here, you can also enjoy the Hudson River, very suitable for weekend short trips 🚗2h · 2⃣️Jim Thorpe 🔮A Victorian-style town, the atmosphere is calm, like the world of Hogwarts! 🚗2h · 3⃣️Cape May|Cape May 🌊There are beautiful beaches, shopping centers and all kinds of seafood, you can visit museums, watch seaside sunsets or watch performances~A must-go for a seaside town vacation! 🚗2h · 4⃣️Southampton|South French Style 📍South Fork of Long Island, New York Enjoy the town's historic mansions, strolling along Coopers Beach is very pleasant~ 🚗2h · 5⃣️Cold Spring|Cold Spring Town Located upstream of the Hudson River, you can climb mountains or enjoy landscape gardens, the photos are very beautiful~ 🚗1h · 6⃣️Beacon There is a charming small waterfall, very suitable for escaping the hustle and bustle of New York! 🚗1h · 7⃣️Lambertville Riverside town, there are many art galleries and quaint artisan shops, suitable for walking or cycling around! 🚗1.5h · 8⃣️New Hope The winding Delaware River here can experience canoeing, kayaking, fishing and drifting, and it is next to Lambertville town, which can be visited together. There is also a craft art festival every September~ 🚗1.5h · 9⃣️Greenport There are antique Vintage shops everywhere, very suitable for shopping all day! There are also many vineyards and seaside restaurants~ 🚗2h · 🔟Tarrytown Visit Lyndhurst, tour the home of Washington Irving! 🚗40 minutes · Come and see which fairy tale town you have checked in?
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Posted: Feb 15, 2024
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