There is a small city in Sichuan with few people and beautiful scenery, known as the 'Town of Longevity'

This place is Pengshan, located in Meishan City, Sichuan Province, the main habitat of Pengzu, the ancestor of Chinese longevity, and also the town of longevity in China. As a pearl of Sichuan, it not only has the natural advantage of few people and beautiful scenery, but also is famous for its lifestyle and healthy environment. The reputation of the 'Town of Longevity' is not only a praise for those centenarians, but also an affirmation of this small city. With its pleasant climate, rich natural resources and profound cultural heritage, Pengshan attracts more and more people to travel, vacation and even choose to settle here. The geographical location here is superior, surrounded by mountains, picturesque scenery, fresh air, known as the 'back garden' of Sichuan. Because the climate here belongs to the subtropical humid climate, the summer is cool and pleasant, the winter is cold but the temperature is suitable, this pleasant climate has become one of the reasons why many people choose to live here. Although the city has a small population, it has unique natural resources and environmental advantages, so it has become the first choice for many people who pursue a healthy life. The local area is also known as the 'Town of Longevity', its reputation comes from the many centenarians here. According to statistical data, there are about 55 centenarians in the local area, much more than other areas. The secrets of these centenarians' longevity are many, one of which is their healthy lifestyle. They usually maintain regular hours, have good eating habits, pay attention to balanced nutrition, eat more vegetables and coarse grains, avoid eating too much greasy and smoked food, in addition, they also pay attention to exercise, such as walking, playing Tai Chi, etc., to maintain the flexibility and vitality of the body. In addition to a healthy lifestyle, the natural environment here also plays a positive role in promoting people's health. Located in the western Sichuan hilly area, surrounded by mountains, with a high forest coverage rate, this provides residents with excellent leisure and outdoor sports venues. People can walk and hike in the mountains, breathe the fresh air in the mountains, feel the tranquility and beauty of nature. Studies have shown that contact with the natural environment can reduce stress, relieve fatigue, and have a positive impact on mental and physical health. In addition, there is a rich cultural heritage, here retains many ancient traditional culture and customs, residents are good at inheriting and protecting traditional culture, they hold a variety of cultural activities and holiday celebrations, making this small city full of rich history and cultural atmosphere. Living in such a small city with a rich cultural heritage, people can come into contact with traditional art, historical relics and local customs, allowing the body and mind to relax and enjoy.
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Posted: Jan 23, 2024
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