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The Journey to Phu Quoc Island.

The seven-day and six-night trip went by so quickly, Phu Quoc Island really has a lot to offer, and the scenery is super beautiful. What impressed me the most is how enthusiastic the people here are, and the security is also very good, making it the top choice for a vacation. We split our stay into two days each for the northern, central, and southern parts: Northern part: Wyndham Supreme Hotel Central part: Shell Hotel & Spa Southern part: Emerald Bay Luxury Apartments Each place was very comfortable to stay in, and I highly recommend the Wyndham Supreme Hotel in the northern part. It's convenient to go to the zoo or Pearl Paradise and Phu Quoc World with the shuttle bus. There's also a casino downstairs where everyone can relax at night. What's more impressive is the breakfast variety is super abundant and basically, we loved everything, definitely worth the stay! At the zoo, you must buy a park car because it's really much bigger than those in Taiwan. For dining, I recommend going to the Giraffe Restaurant where the ticket includes a meal voucher, and you can feed the giraffes while enjoying your meal. The most fun attractions in Pearl Paradise are in the Adventure Park, the roller coaster and the Maya Cave Coaster are very thrilling! We played in the water park first and then went to the land in the afternoon, there was plenty of time, so no need to worry about not having time to play. For dining, I suggest using the free meal voucher at the European Street at the entrance. If you want to see the mermaid show at two o'clock, you can also dine at the Ocean Restaurant there, remember to reserve a seat in advance! The evening shows are definitely better than Disney, I recommend securing a good spot early to watch! As for Phu Quoc World, there's actually not much to see. We didn't catch the water dance show, and the two seafood restaurants we tried didn't leave much of an impression. If you want to take a boat, I recommend it, especially in the evening when you can see a beautiful sunset.
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Posted: May 11, 2024
knight JX
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Phu Quoc Island

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