Global Autumn Chasing | The sunshine in Rizhao is really super beautiful!

📍Detailed address: No. 66, Lvzhou South Road, Donggang District ❤Recommended reason: I've always wanted to take a ⛵️, so I went to the World Sailing Race Base for a visit. Located in the Wanpingkou sea area of Rizhao, the main facilities include: sailing club, water control center, outdoor sports ground, sailing landscape sculpture, leisure plank road ecological garden~ 🌟Highlights: Now this is not only a venue for sports events, but also a major tourist attraction. I wanted to experience sailing, but the price was too high and the cost performance was low, so I gave up. I also saw the 🐟 that was fished from the sea, it was really big, you can also experience sea fishing 🎣, if you are lucky, you should have a full harvest
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Posted: Dec 25, 2023
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