I went to see the sea with my friends

The weather was clear, and we walked back and forth for more than ten kilometers by the sea. In fact, it was just a few parks, a few lighthouses, and a few bridges. When we were tired, we sat on the bench, looking at the blue sea and sky, the sparse buildings along the coast, the people digging clams, and the people discouraging digging clams. The lighthouse may be considered a landmark building, the beach next to it is not big but very clean, and there are planes and migratory birds passing by from time to time. Under the view of the geese, you can see the rising moon on the sea. The often recommended in the city also include Egret Bay and Seaside National Forest Park. This time the time is limited, so there is no arrangement for long-distance travel. Maybe it's because I'm all by the sea, I feel the sunshine is clean and open, and the atmosphere is relaxed. Now when I think back, my mind is full of calm blue images.
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Posted: Dec 29, 2023
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