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Rizhao Escape City Plan~~~ Must go on weekends and holidays!

Rizhao Escape City Plan~~~ Must go on weekends and holidays! Location: Rizhao Sunshine Coast Camping Park It really amazed me, it's very suitable for a family or friends to play on the weekend! The hotel's security measures are in place, so you don't have to worry about safety at night Air conditioning, refrigerator, TV, etc. are all available, it's very suitable to bring your own barbecue grill, and have a cozy barbecue at night The scenery is beautiful, it's a bit cold now, but there are few people, it's really suitable for escaping the hustle and bustle of the city It's a minute walk from the room to the beach, you can even see the sea from the bed! In summer, you can also bring your own camping equipment to camp on the lawn and watch the sunrise. When the weather is cold, sleep in the small villa By the way, bring your own ingredients when you come, although the hotel also has a barbecue set meal, it's quite far from the city, and the delivery will be very slow.
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Posted: Jan 13, 2024
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