Rare treasure hotel in Rizhao

🏨Hotel environment: Chinese style, antique, the front desk is brewing tea when you arrive, it's really a tea culture hotel😊 🛏Room facilities: Yunxi·Tea Aesthetics Hotel (Rizhao University City Antai International Plaza Store) First-class facilities, I feel the boss is too extravagant, I can't tell if I don't do the decoration ❤Recommended reason: The front desk lady's service is enthusiastic and thoughtful, she sends out travel guides, and also revisits, it's rare The most important thing is that I also drank the boss's treasured tea, tasted a few kinds, they are all good, it's rare for a tea lover like me! Thumbs up 🚉Transportation strategy: The transportation is convenient, and it's very close to the seaside
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Posted: Jan 14, 2024
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Rizhao Yunxuan Hotel (Rizhao University Town Antai International Plaza)

4.8/5Amazing193 reviews
Near Antai International Plaza
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