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A super comprehensive guide for sisters who want to travel to Rizhao in January and February

A super comprehensive guide for sisters who want to travel to Rizhao in January and February Only after coming to Rizhao did I know that I stepped on many pits The super comprehensive Rizhao travel guide that I stayed up all night to organize📔 Babies who plan to travel to Rizhao during the New Year, be sure to watch the Rizhao travel guide before departure~ ✅Travel suggestions Day1⃣️: Wanpingkou Scenic Area-World Sailing Base-Ocean Park-Dongyi Town Day2⃣️: Lighthouse Scenic Area-Taigong Island Oyster Park-Mountain Sea Sky Sunshine Coast-Ocean Aesthetics Museum-Sunrise East Sea Show Day3⃣️: Science and Technology Museum / Art Museum-Seaside Forest Park 🏠Accommodation ➡️Affordable hotels can be selected near Vientiane Hui, RT-Mart, University City, Wanda and other business circles. The hotel facilities are complete, there are many choices of hotels and homestays, and it is convenient for eating, drinking and playing around ➡️For those with sufficient budget, it is recommended to choose hotels near Wanpingkou and the Ocean Aesthetics Museum. They are close to the sea, convenient for transportation, and the most important thing is that you can see the sea without going out ➡️It is recommended to choose the accommodation area according to your itinerary, don't live far from the attractions, waste the time to play - How to choose seafood❓ 💁‍♀️Be sure to choose the ones that are jumping around! 💁‍♀️Frozen ones are directly reached! 4 is not fresh 💁‍♀️Be careful of shrimp being impersonated and buy it after you see it clearly 💁‍♀️The best shellfish are those that stick out their tongues and retract as soon as they touch 💁‍♀️Choose sea urchins with upright thorns, and they can move when they poke - 🥣Food 🧑‍🍳Cross-sea small fishing village: a seafood🦞 shop for more than ten years, strongly recommend their steamed seafood, super addictive, if you want to eat original seafood, you must eat it, everyone who has eaten it says it is delicious 🧑‍🍳Cross-sea family feast: There are people to greet you as soon as you enter the door. The decoration is also very distinctive. There is a menu area. You can directly tell the waiter what dishes you want to eat. It is very convenient to see the dishes and order the dishes~ Fried chicken, seafood hot pot, old fried meat are all signatures😋 - ✅Souvenirs 📍Congrong Tea Industry: A pound of Rizhao green tea🍵 at wholesale price is really a cost-effective ceiling. It is a very good choice to travel or go home for the New Year to give friends, elders and leaders
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*Created by local travelers and translated by TripGenie.
Posted: Feb 2, 2024
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