Just returned from Rizhao for a reverse parent-child trip during the National Day holiday, here is the guide

Next, we took the tail of the summer vacation and went to Rizhao with good friends. The seaside of Rizhao has a unique beauty, quiet, delicate, more comfortable, and very suitable for young babies! Each scenic spot is very close Although it's a rainy day, it has a different flavor Watching the sea with good friends, watching small animals, interacting with the little elves of the sea, it's really happy This parent-child vacation, you must not miss here Share our two-day tour guide . 🌈DAY1, 📍Rizhao Ocean Park 👉Enter the park at 8.30 in the morning, just follow the instructions, pay attention to the performance time 👉9:00 Silver Storm Fish Feeding Show, thousands of fish surround the diver, it's spectacular, and the diver really saw us and waved to us 👉Continue to go→Seal feeding, the little seals are really too cute, they keep shouting I want to eat fish, and they rub me with their heads 👉10:00 Mermaid underwater ballet, very shocking, got unanimous praise from adults and children 👉11:00 Dolphin show, this is probably the cutest sea elf, finally close contact with dolphins, touching the always smiling mouth of the dolphin, will really bring good luck 👉Continue to go→Feed parrots, 🦜 parrots are really too enthusiastic, my hair earrings hat really do not let go, adults and children will be super happy 👉Feed ring-tailed lemurs, they like to eat dates, touch their little hands, really soft 👉Otters, they actually like to eat celery, friends who like fluffy animals can try it 👉12:30 Bird performance, in the outdoor garden area, there are flamingos, peacocks, swans, it was raining when we went, a bit regretful 🌈Warm tips: 👉There are dining areas and rest areas in the park, and you can also bring your own food 👉The park is also very friendly to babies, you can push strollers . During the National Day holiday, if you don't want to be crowded, remember to include Rizhao in your travel plan, especially suitable for parent-child travel
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*Created by local travelers and translated by TripGenie.
Posted: Feb 6, 2024
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