Hidden Gem Travel Recommendation|| Rizhao Multi-Island Sea Scenic Area

|| Rizhao Multi-Island Sea Scenic Area. 🎉 Rizhao Multi-Island Sea Tourist Resort 📍 Location: Multi-Island Sea Avenue, Lanshan District, Rizhao City 📸 Photography: It's crowded during the day, so it's recommended to go in the evening. It's cooler and less crowded at 5:30 PM, and you can take beautiful sunset and night scene photos before 7 PM~ 🦀 Sea Foraging: The Multi-Island Sea Foraging Park charges a fee, but locals recommend going to the nearby Sea Monument Park, where you can find small crabs and snails after the tide goes out. You can also forage for free in the scenic area, just remember to prepare a one-piece wading suit. 🚲 Riding: The scenic area offers rental of two-person or four-person bicycles. A half-hour ride back and forth is a very nice experience!! 🌅 Sunrise Viewing: The extended pier from the square is a good spot for watching the sunrise. The sunrise is around 6 AM, not too early, so you can stay at a nearby hotel and get up early to see the beautiful sunrise. 🍱 Dining: The small kitchen's Sichuan and Hunan cuisine has an amazing fried chicken flavor! The cold mixed conch was sold out, but other dishes are also very tasty. Come to the Multi-Island Sea Scenic Area to enjoy the fun of sea foraging and watching the sunrise~🌊🌅
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Posted: Mar 6, 2024
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