Winter Sunshine + Zibo Self-Driving 5-Day Tour, for reference

Day 1 Arrive in Rizhao on New Year's Eve, not many restaurants are open, only Jianglai on Haiqu East Road is open, the taste is okay. Day 2 If you get up early, you can go see the sunrise (if you can't get up, pretend I didn't say anything), at 9:00 go to Rizhao City Museum, 1L is the art gallery, 2.3L are the museum floors, Rizhao is the location of the ancient Juxian, and it has a certain historical heritage. Have lunch at a nearby seafood restaurant, the prices are not very expensive. In the afternoon, head to Wanpingkou No.1 Gate Scenic Area, walk along the coastline to Gate No.3, the water is very clear, and the sand is fine. There are many wedding-themed installations near Gate No.3, suitable for couples to take photos (there is also an ocean park near Wanpingkou Scenic Area Gate No.4, those with children can take a look). Day 3 Arrive at Lighthouse Park at 9:00, after the tide recedes around 11:00, you can pick up shells on the nearby rocks. At 14:00, head to Dongyi Town, which is mostly snacks, and the attractions are not very cost-effective. At 16:00, go to Taigong Island Oyster Park, right next to Wanpingkou Gate No.5, there are many seagulls, prepare some bread in advance to feed the seagulls. Day 4 In the morning, drive along the coastal road to Shanhaitian Wetland Park, there are many fishermen nearby, and those with plans to go out to sea during the fishing season can come here. The sand quality of the coast here is not as fine, and there are more rocks. At 17:00, arrive in Zibo, Badajiu is very crowded, but now the homogenization of businesses is serious, you can take a look if interested. The nearby barbecue restaurants are basically full, so if you plan to eat barbecue near Badajiu, be sure to come early (it has to be said that the price of Zibo barbecue is really affordable). Day 5 At 9:00 in the morning, go to Haidai Tower, the building houses the Zhongshuge Bookstore, which is super crowded, it is recommended to queue up early. In summary, Rizhao may not have many attractions and is not a tourist city, but it is definitely a great vacation city (I don't know about summer, but in winter the hotel prices are not expensive, and the meals are basically at a fair price), especially the sea water in Rizhao is among the best of the coastal cities I have visited, with few floating objects on the sea and very clear water. Zibo is mainly famous for its barbecue, without too many attractions, those who want to experience barbecue can come here. ps. In Shandong, if you are not eating in a tourist area or shopping mall, it is recommended to order one dish less than the number of people or equal, as the portion sizes in Shandong cuisine are very large (the lesson of eating home-cooked meals for two days and packing leftovers for two days).
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Posted: Apr 10, 2024
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