Chen Tang Village's Nezha

The Tianjin 'Nezha' themed town is here❗️ 📍Chen Tang Village Tianjin Nezha Town is located in Chen Tang Village, Hexi District, covering an area of 100 acres! It realistically restores the mythological Nezha! Creating Tianjin's first 'mythological' theme park - Nezha Town! Reconstructing the legendary Chen Tang Pass, allowing the mythological character 'Tianjin Ren·Nezha' born in Tianjin to step into reality! Two years ago, with strong support from the government, to preserve memories for the city and leave marks of the industry, the former 'Tianjin Bohai Radio Factory' was revitalized to build Nezha Town. Focusing on the 'Nezha' theme, with the culture of the Investiture of the Gods as the foundation, it integrates business, leisure, entertainment, and experience to create a distinctive park that blends culture, commerce, and tourism! The town's streets are named after folk stories such as Nezha's Disturbance in the Sea, Rebirth, and Investiture of the Gods. There is Wuying Street, which is named after the canonization of Nezha as the Five Camps God General, Fulong Alley from Nezha's Disturbance in the Sea, He Yi Alley from the Lotus Incarnation, and Taizi Alley from the Third Prince. The town is also named after Nezha's various weapons like the Universe Ring and Wind Fire Wheels. There are also specially crafted 'Makeup Workshop', 'Shang Li Workshop', 'Dai Yi Workshop', and other twelve workshops that will be presented in succession. During the May Day period, Nezha Town will make its 'first street appearance' with the theme of 'Originating from Chen Tang, the Birth of Nezha', opening some outdoor districts and creating 'eight major' scenes to provide a leisure space for the public's May Day holiday!
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Posted: May 5, 2024
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