A newly popular stunning check-in spot, Tianjin's little "Anaya"

📸 Discovered a new check-in spot by chance, featuring a huge copper "Thousand Li of Rivers and Mountains" and a "Floating Art Museum", incredibly eye-catching and beautiful! 🏛️ The main building is a stylish sales center, which houses a small art exhibition, 🆓 free to visit, mainly displaying European sculptures, paintings, and a few items. 🌞 The lobby is very high with a glass roof that provides excellent lighting, creating a full atmosphere. 📸 The second floor is a negotiation area, but there is a viewing window that overlooks the first-floor exhibition hall, offering a superb perspective that captures the spacious yet atmospheric elegance of the museum, and the simplicity of art. 💐 Outside the museum, there is a small garden area that is not very large, but the variety and color of the plants and flowers are quite rich. Perhaps after just having seen the European exhibits, it's not quite appropriate, but it reminds one of Monet's garden. ⛲ Whether it's the water outside the museum or the floor tiles inside, the overall art of reflection is very skillful, adding a sense of depth. Outside, white mist is created near the ground to enhance the overall atmosphere. 🌲 Some areas on the ground are covered with white pebbles, and there are several welcoming pines planted, blending the modern minimalist style of the "Floating Art Museum" with the classical "Thousand Li of Rivers and Mountains" very well. The fusion of ancient and modern, East and West, is truly brilliant! 🆔 Name: Hidden Emerald Pavilion·Floating Art Museum 📍 Address: Intersection of Xianyang Road and Weishui Road 🚇 Transportation: Metro Line 2 Xianyang Road Station . Tianjin·China
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Posted: May 5, 2024
This is 100% a fake account. You’re telling me that this guy came to Tianjin and decided to go to this random sales centre and managed to have an incredible amount of information about it? How embarrassing
lol huh? It’s literally a sales centre for an apartment complex 😂😂
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