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Zhonghua Stone Garden‖The Tianjin version of Hogwarts colored by Hayao Miyazaki

❗I declare! Zhonghua Stone Garden is simply the Tianjin branch of Hogwarts! Taking photos and walking with kids here is just too lovely💋 European-style castle spires🏰 Full of Gothic + Norman style, as if transported to Hogwarts The strange rocks🪨 are also very interesting Especially the one like the Hobbit's Bag End hole💫 Although the park is not large, it truly offers a view at every step Especially under the setting sun, the castle is coated with gold The wisteria waterfall on the castle's outer walls Seems like Hayao Miyazaki's comics reflected into reality A casual snap📸 turns out to be a masterpiece 📸Recommended photo spots: ① Main castle (multiple angles, close and distant views) ② The grotto on the left side of the castle + wisteria waterfall ③ Stone stairs and tree hole on the left side of the grotto, tree hole on the right side framed with wisteria ④ The stone bridge with fountains (different views from on the bridge and from either side below) ⑤ Flocks of pigeons in front of the castle🕊️ ⑥ The small castle in front of the main castle (children can also be framed with wisteria) ⑦ Misty water feature ⑧ The small castle covered with vines at the exit 📝Little Tips: ✅ Wisteria blooming period: mid-April to early May, mostly withered after the May Day holiday ✅ Best photo📸 time: 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM 【Practical Information】 ⛪ Zhonghua Stone Garden 📍|No. 280, Nanxing Road, Jinnan District, Tianjin 🚇|Metro Line 6 Lu Shui Dao Station Exit B, 👣900 meters 🅿️|Parking spaces with lines on the roadside at the southeast gate of the park🆓 ⏰|08:30-18:00 (No entry after 18:00) 🎫|20 yuan/person
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Posted: May 5, 2024
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