Everyone in Tianjin is hanging out here! This Labor Day is too exciting!

🌟 The Labor Day holiday is coming Are you still worried about where to go for fun? Raise your hand 🙋 Come to the 3rd Cultural and Arts Festival at Luneng City in Tianjin! Not only are there wonderful performances such as drama, music, dance, etc. But also various interactive experiences for taking photos and having fun are waiting for you! - 🎭 May 1st to 2nd Interactive drama with ambient music 'The Phonograph of Time' Two wonderful shows every afternoon ⌚️14:00~14:45 16:00~16:45 - 🎵 May 3rd Handpan theme music concert waiting for you to listen ⌚️ 14:00~14:45 15:00~15:45 - 🚶 May 1st to June 16th Check in to the rhythm of life and get an interesting life - 📸 McDonald's 100% Angus Refueling Station Delicious and photogenic - 🛍️ Shopping is also an essential part Spend 600 at designated retail stores to get 100 back Spend 299 at Uniqlo to get 50 back A day full of gains - 📍 Luneng City
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Posted: May 5, 2024
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