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The Joywo World is located in Gegu Town, Jinnan District, Tianjin, known as the hometown of Chinese folk culture and art. It covers an area of over 1,800 acres, with agriculture at its core, consisting of two main theme buildings: the Food Generation Pavilion and the Joywo Center, as well as the Agricultural Science and Technology Museum, Pumen Workshop, Fun Non-powered Play, Happy Cute Pets, Boutique Homestay, and Dream Field, among other projects. Joywo World is the first new agriculture-themed park in North China, with a rich variety of entertaining and innovative attractions; it's not only suitable for kids to go wild and learn through play, but adults can also gain something from the experience! It is the largest aerial expansion base in North China. Young children can choose the Happy Square, where they can enjoy bouncing clouds, seesaws, zip lines, wooden horse rides, and simple rock climbing. Adults and older children can opt for the 'aerial projects,' with the famous Joywo Matrix located here! The Agricultural Science and Technology Museum is like entering a plant paradise, with a dazzling array of cultivation methods. There's also a blueberry book bar, a small naughty castle, birdcage-shaped rest areas, and the resting space is arranged so cozily... In addition, there's the cultivable Dream Field, the 7000㎡ Joywo Center exhibition hall with numerous themes, Archimedes water play pool, kite painting, tie-dye T-shirt making, paper-cutting and flower arranging at Pumen Workshop, and the super popular Cute Pet Paradise for kids... As an agriculture-themed park, it's fun, rich, highly interactive, and truly excellent!
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Posted: May 7, 2024
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Jiawo World

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