Xinzhou City| Complete Guide to Wutai Mountain Pilgrimage

|Complete Guide to Wutai Mountain Pilgrimage.❤Recommended Reason: The Great Pilgrimage is to ascend the five peaks of Wutai Mountain, among which the North Peak is the only peak in North China with an altitude of over 3000 meters, known as the "Roof of North China". Apart from the factor of faith, the pilgrimage is more about testing one's physical strength and perseverance. The 'Mountain Records' states: 'The five peaks of Wutai Mountain stand tall, rising above the clouds, with no trees on the top, like a mound of earth, hence the name Wutai.' Wutai Mountain is a Buddhist site where the Green Temple and the Yellow Temple coexist in China, with 86 religious activity sites, many of which are imperial temples, and many emperors have come to worship. Famous ones include: Xiantong Temple, Tayuan Temple, Bodhisattva Peak, Nanshan Temple, Dailuo Peak, Jinge Temple, Wanfo Pavilion, Bishan Temple, etc. 🗓Itinerary: The Great Pilgrimage is divided into Shun Pilgrimage, Ni Pilgrimage and Great Perfection. I chose the Great Perfection, starting from Dongtai Wanghai Temple and ending at Dongtai Wanghai Temple. The whole journey is about 78km, with an ascent of over 1600 meters. ⏳Travel Time: The Great Perfection can generally be completed in 3 days, and if you have ample time and average physical strength, you can choose to complete it in 4 days. Day1: Dongtai Wanghai Temple—Huyin Gully—Baiyun Temple (Walking distance is about 20KM) Day 2: Baiyun Temple—Buddha Mother Cave—Nantai Puzi Temple—Jinge Temple—Lion's Den—Jixiang Temple (Walking distance is about 25KM) Day 3: Jixiang Temple—Xitai Falei Temple—Zhongtai Yanjiao Temple—Bathing Pool (Walking distance is about 13KM) Day 4: Bathing Pool—Beitai Lingying Temple—Hongmen Rock—Dongtai Wanghai Temple (Walking distance is about 13KM) PS: Friends with good physical strength can choose to combine the three or four-day itinerary into one day. 🏨Hotel Environment: Accommodation here is called 'hanging a single', which means accommodation. The first night's accommodation is at Dongtai, 100 people/bed in a 6-person room (including 1 breakfast and 1 dinner), the conditions are average, and you can't take a bath. The second night's accommodation is at Jixiang Temple, standard room, very good environment, including 1 breakfast and 1 dinner, good accommodation environment, the room has a separate bathroom and bath, but towels and toiletries need to be brought by yourself. The third night's accommodation is at the Bathing Pool, 100 people/bed, 6-person room (including 1 breakfast and 1 dinner), with separate bathroom, bath and WiFi. 🍽Vegetarian Meals: Most temples provide vegetarian meals (25 yuan/person) at meal times 🧳Equipment Preparation: Mountaineering shoes, trekking poles, backpack, sunshade mask or sun hat (high altitude, strong ultraviolet rays), sunglasses, quick-drying clothes, storm suit (high altitude, strong wind), toiletries, gloves, raincoat (bad weather), power bank, friends with cleanliness can bring a set of pajamas. 🚉Transportation Guide: 🚞After arriving at Wutai Mountain Station, charter a car to start at Hongmen Rock 🚄There is currently no high-speed rail to Wutai Mountain, you can take a transfer to Wutai Mountain Town after arriving in Taiyuan 🚌Direct bus to Wutai Mountain Town, two departures to Hongmen Rock every day 📝Attention tips: Pilgrimage is not about romance and cool posing! Friends with no experience should be mentally prepared It is recommended to follow the large group of pilgrims under the guidance of a guide Common risks during trekking include hypothermia, sprained ankles, colds, etc. Friends who are not suitable for outdoor trekking must not rashly challenge
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Posted: Feb 8, 2024
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