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🚗🚗🚗Travel route: Day1: Lantingyue Boutique Homestay in Mount Wutai Advantages: Clean, fast hot water, rest after getting off the highway, suitable for self-driving tourists Disadvantages: Noise, shampoo and shower gel are not good → Shuxiang Temple Founded in the Eastern Jin Dynasty, a typical Han-style temple, morning and evening drums (drums and bells echo), Suan (lion), 500 Arhats crossing the river suspension sculpture (Jigong Arhat) → Tayuan Temple The original Dahuayan Temple tower courtyard, expanded and renamed in the Ming Dynasty, Shakyamuni relic tower, Manjusri hair tower → Xiantong Temple Founded in the Eastern Han Dynasty, originally named Dafu Lingjiu Temple, expanded in the Northern Wei Dynasty, rebuilt in the Tang Dynasty and renamed Dahuayan Temple, rebuilt in the early Ming Dynasty and renamed Daxiantong Temple, Copper Temple (cast in the 38th year of Ming Wanli, using a total of 100,000 catties of copper, it is one of the best preserved copper temples in China) → Mount Wutai Scenic Spot-Bodhisattva Top Lama temple, Kangxi "Lingfeng Shengjing", tongueless stone lion, Dripping Water Hall Kangxi "Wutai Holy Land", Shunzhi became a monk → Mount Wutai Juxianyuan Zen House Advantages: Clean, warm, quiet, good shampoo and shower gel, good location for watching the sunrise Disadvantages: Slow hot water Day2: Dongtai Wanghai Temple Depart at 4:00, arrive at the foot of the mountain at 4:30, arrive at the top of the mountain at 5:30, wait for two hours, it is really cold in winter but the scenery is really good (must wear a military coat), you can see the stars, the bright moon, the sun and the moon shine together, the sky like a palette Impression: The biggest feeling of night climbing is freedom. Wanghai Temple guides the direction like a lighthouse, but when you can't see it, you will inevitably panic when you are alone. When you see it again, the light is approaching you again, until you become it, isn't this life? → Wuye Temple Founded in the Ming Dynasty, Guangji Dragon King Bodhisattva is a localized and secular product of Manjusri Bodhisattva in Taiwan → Fanxian Mountain Lingying Temple, Hu Xian, seeking marriage, seeking partial wealth, rugged road
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Posted: Feb 11, 2024
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Mount Wutai Juxianyuan Zen house

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