One flower and one world, one tree and one bodhi, the Bodhi island is planted with large and small linden trees. Each linden tree is like an elf. The red ribbon hangs on the branches and carries countless blessings and wishes. . Bodhi has no trees, and the mirror is not Taiwan. There is nothing in it. It is a dusty, linden tree that has been subjected to numerous wind and rain. It has a mythical experience and has an extraordinary realm to carry these Bodhi. The Bodhi Island of the tree is more spiritual and intelligent. Wooden path, grass, small statues of different poses, scattered in the jungle, boarded Bodhi Island, many temples, courtyards, temples, is a perfect place for self-cultivation, quiet and indifferent. Into each temple, the bells and drums are opposite, the Temple of Heaven is located in it, followed by the Daxiong Hall, the towering old trees, the dense branches, in the quiet place of Buddhism, as if you can hear the sound of the heart. . I would like to ask if the empty door is pure and clean, the lotus does not have the water of Qiutatan, and the lotus is used to embody the Buddha. It is from the dust and not polluted. It is the nature of the lotus, and it is the realm of the Buddha. In addition to the Chaoyin Temple, there are cultural monuments such as the Chaoyang Temple site, facing the sea, gathering the aura of the heavens and the earth. Before the Chaoyin Temple, the golden sea of Guanyin stands proudly. Along the boardwalk, all the purple and pink flowers are vying to open. Bringing freshness to the sweltering summer. cycling around the sea, renting a bicycle, three or more people, each car has a ceiling, this design is very intimate / hc / blowing the sea breeze, riding a bicycle Leisurely and free to swim the island.
The sky is blue, the sun is strong, the steaming water vapor is like a fog, floating in the water of the pool. The beauty of the swimsuit is like a hibiscus, which is looming in the mist. - This is not an island in the southern country, but a 2°C Tangshan Moon Island. This northern island is famous for its Dutch style in the summer. In the cold winter, it immediately turns into a lure. People's hot spring bathing paradise! The infinity pool has changed into a hot spring pool, and there is still an illusion of being in the Maldives! After driving for more than 3 hours from the Imperial City, you can reach the Sanba Pearl Terminal in Tangshan Bay, which is a sci-fi base like a cosmic base. Then take a ferry or speedboat and you can reach hundreds of water spires in less than half an hour. The moon island of the wooden house - also called the moon island. In the summer, it was the "star island" in the Bohai Bay. Surprisingly, there is also a fascinating sensation in the northern winter, which is often considered innocent and playable! The secret lies in the hot springs on the island! On the island of Tsukishima, the temperature of the water reaches 73 °C. If you add the invincible seascape like the Maldives, while watching the sea, while bathing, the heat rises, it is a god-like day! is also surprising, the sea around the island this month, some yellow in summer, but in the winter it is a green and blue, this winter seascape is much more beautiful than the summer! The balcony of the first floor is surrounded by a hot spring pool. When you walk out of the door, you can soak up the hot spring to see the sea. You can also open the curtains and lie in bed to watch the sunrise on the sea. Soaked up, and then order a few fresh seafood, that is called a comfortable!