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Balestrand Fjord AnglingNearby City

Balestrand Fjord Angling

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"Water Sports"
"The most beautiful small towns in Europe, where you don’t want to go when you come [a great place for vacation] In fact, I really like some small towns, because I think these places are full of fireworks and human touch, and the pace of life in small towns It will become very slow. For office workers like me, it is simply a gospel existence. Finally, there is no need to be chased and beaten by life. The small European town I am going to is called Balestrand today. [St. Olaf’s Church] This church can be said to be the religious center of the town, because this building is very beautiful, so I took the lead to come to this place, this church is completely different from what I had in mind. The church should be white and holy, but which of the conversations is all red, with a gray roof, and a large Phnom Penh. No matter how you look at it, it feels like a Southeast Asian Buddhist temple. The church is not big. The space is only reserved for prayer, it is very small and exquisite. The church is open all day without a ticket. [Quickness Hotel] This hotel can be said to belong to this small town. I live here. This hotel looks more like a palace. It should be The most luxurious building in this town, it is worth seeing even if you don't live here. [Sognefjord Aquarium] Unexpectedly, there is an aquarium in the town. The aquarium is mainly warrior fish. The fish species here are particularly rich, showing a dazzling water world. Tickets are 30 yuan soft sister coin"