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Theme Park
Quancheng Oulebao Menghuan Shijie - European-Themed Amusement Park

Quancheng Oulebao Menghuan Shijie - European-Themed Amusement ParkNearby City

4.7/53,173 Reviews
"Theme Park"
Shandong Top 12 in Can't Miss Attractions
Open from 9:30am-5:30pm (Local time)
"See different New Year's Lights, come to the Spring City Orleborg Dream World View/View/See/Go/Product/Play! New Year! Recommended reasons: ☝️Shocking large naked eyes 3DCastle Night Light Mirage Show ✌️New Year Firework Show, Dream Flower Show ☝️Hundreds of Unmanned Aerial Hyper Burning Star Show ✌️Dozens of large Zigong New Year Light Group.☝️Intangible Cultural Heritage Angang Firework Dragon ✌️New Year Temple Fair, Super Paradise ...Spring Festival, Lantern Festival and Valentine's Day are here! 👍 Valentine's Day and Lantern's Day are delayed until 24 o'clock in the evening! ⚠️ Project Time: 1⃣️ Large New Year Fireworks Show (20:08 every night in Swan Castle performance, Lantern Festival and Valentine's Day plus 24 o'clock, fireworks show time is about 10 minutes). No fireworks show lighting will not be a complete New Year lighting party! During the event, nearly 50 types of fireworks were lit in the sky beautifully! Only Oulebao has a fireworks show in Jinan and surrounding lighting parties. It can see fireworks here. It's really too ~ too ~ too perfect, bring your Ta! 2⃣️ Drone Star Show (19:50 a night over Swan Castle, Lantern Festival and Valentine's Day plus 23:40 a.m., the viewing point is the fountain square directly in front of Swan Castle, each session takes about 10 minutes). 3⃣️ naked eyes 3D castle night light phantom show (18, 19, 20, 21, 22 pm each night on the Swan Castle Castle, Lantern Festival and Valentine's Day plus 23, 23:50, each time is about 8 minutes)! 4⃣️ Steel Fire Dragon (performing one at 18:30 and 20:40 per night next to the cloud-end sprint project, performing 22:30 extra games at Lantern Festival and Valentine's Day, viewing point for both sides of the cloud-end sprint project, about 15 minutes per game), super shock! ⚠️Net red punching project (super suitable for couples, parents and children):1⃣️Colorful aurora, the combination of light and shadow is extremely colorful. Without going abroad, you can also see the beautiful aurora in fairy tales! 2⃣️Romantic Rose Sea & Taohua Island: tens of thousands of red, yellow roses and peach blossom trees parachute! Compose a large romantic glowing rose sea & peach blossom sea! The date place with the male (female) ticket during the New Year is here! 3⃣️Kiss tree: hug and kiss under the tree, the tree behind is automatically lit and silently expressed as if it felt each other's true feelings. In addition to this, there are various interactive performances, lively dragon and lion dance, Spring cartoon cruises, ensure that the whole day can not stop! You can also play the park by the key point of the park, Shandong super-big amusement park! 5D Cinema, roller coaster, pirate ship, carousel, children's playground, etc., many amusement projects let you play hi!"
Xuzhou Leyuan Huanle World

Xuzhou Leyuan Huanle WorldNearby City

4.7/5468 Reviews
"Theme Park"
Xuzhou Top 1 in Can't Miss Attractions
Open on Mon-Thu,10:00am-5:00pm;Open on Fri-Sun,10:00am-9:00pm (Local time)
"Xuzhou Paradise, a whole day of adrenaline rushing. This weekend, I came to a staggered trip. Come to Xuzhou Paradise for Christmas in advance! Xuzhou Paradise, on the whole, is very suitable for family, friends, and families to come out and play together! You can hear their screams, you laugh at me and I laugh at you, it's really decompressing! After a day of playing, I happened to be staying at Xuzhou Paradise Hotel. The hotel is a theme hotel designed with the joy of the paradise and European architecture. The hotel has rooms and meeting rooms with distinctive themed styles. Stay in the joyful themed rooms and enjoy a different experience. There are a lot of attractions in Xuzhou Paradise. There are only three roller coasters. There is no need to worry about the long queue time, and there will be another one after a while. You can play with all you like. Each roller coaster has its own unique features. local! After entering the park, you can go to [Crazy Bus] to warm up first. The Crazy Bus is a cute bus that will take you up to the sky. It can be said to be very gentle! After the bus stopped, I found that there was an airplane on the opposite side. It turned out to be a [Kite Flying Machine]. Here I was lying and spinning, experiencing the feeling of spreading its wings and flying high. It was like putting a pair of wings on myself. Going further in, you will come across the [Carousel], there are all kinds of wooden horses, full of girls' hearts, and it’s great to take pictures at night! There is also a [Twister Ride] on the side, this is a motorcycle, swinging from side to side, it will spin back and forth while swaying, my God, it’s cool! I went to play in Xuzhou's first one. In addition to many exciting projects with crying and laughing, there is also a "float parade" in the park, a variety of floats and performances by girls and brothers, walking around the park, day and night There are both, I recommend them to take a look, the night is very different! After watching the float parade in the evening, I also encountered the [Light Show] of the Knights Castle. The castle changed various pictures under the illumination of various lights. If you come to the park to play, you must visit it. There are snow generators along the way through the entrance of the park. It sprays into the sky and then slowly falls. There is a kind of snowy scene, which may not be clearly seen during the day. At night, it really looks like snow, and there are special ones. It’s really beautiful! There are food and beverages in Xuzhou Paradise, the prices are very close to the people, there are both Chinese and Western food, the burger shop I went to eat was only 35 per person, which is still very real! ❗️Practical information: From Hangzhou, Shanghai (and other cities), you can get there by high-speed rail to Xuzhou East, then transfer to a taxi directly or transfer to Metro Line 1 to get there! ❗️Operation time: December 19th-December 20th, open night show! December 24th-December 27th (Christmas Eve) Open night show! December 31 (New Year's Eve) Open night show! No night show operating hours: 10:00-17:00; night show opening days: 10:00-21:00. ❗️Ticket booking: Xuzhou Paradise adopts a one-ticket system, tickets can be booked on all major networks, and tickets can also be bought on site! Medical staff can play for free once with their ID card + qualification certificate or medical staff’s travel card. You need to take a body temperature measurement and a bright code. You need to wear a mask during the whole play. You can use hand sanitizer without washing and disinfection everywhere in the park!"
Wuqiao Acrobatics World

Wuqiao Acrobatics WorldNearby City

4.3/5817 Reviews
"Theme Park"
Yu County Top 18 in Fun Attractions Nearby
Open from 8:30am-5:00pm (Local time)
"It's eleventh, and the scenic spots have started to be blocked again. Those who have been to Wuqiao can go to Huanghua Binhai Hengda Cultural Tourism City. The eleven large-scale amusement carnival will display the largest pig and pig naughty castle in North China! It's not small or big. I can visit for more than half a day, but in recent years there are not too many new attractions. It seems that there is only one Binhai Evergrande Cultural Tourism City. I have been there twice when looking at the house. Friends passing by Huanghua can go and see. Those who don’t want to go to the old scenic spots to see the crowds can go and see. Many 5D amusement facilities are open for free. There are iron lions in Cangzhou and the largest "pig" in North China. If you want to see the story, you can go to Binhai Evergrande Cultural Tourism City There will be major events during Golden Week. I have known Wuqiao since I was a child, and I finally came to Wuqiao today. Go to Wuqiao to see acrobatics, to see the scenery to our Bohai New Area, wetlands, and Evergrande Cultural Tourism City are all pretty good. I just came back from where I am, and I am now engaged in a parent-child fun and food festival. Many of them can be experienced for free. I recommend it. After "touring" from Tianjin all the way, I feel that there are not too many new attractions in Cangzhou. Only at ten o'clock Golden Beach and Binhai Evergrande Cultural Tourism City, Golden Beach is almost the same, and the cultural tourism city of Nandagang is okay. Old scenic spots can be visited. It's almost done. This eleventh recommend a new place-Evergrande Cultural Tourism? The one next to the wetland. Eleventh will hold a very big food-free amusement temple fair, as well as old crab activities, I am going to see it." is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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