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Huntsville Botanical GardenNearby City

Huntsville Botanical Garden

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Ranked #1 in Huntsville Can't Miss Attractions
82.3 mi from Birmingham, Huntsville
"Huntsville Botanic Garden-a good place for family outings This summer vacation, our family took our baby to Huntsville to visit relatives. This is really a very pleasant trip to visit relatives. Relatives took us to Huntsville Botanical Garden, a famous local botanical garden. Seven or eight of us prepared sandwiches to take for a picnic there. The Children’s Paradise Botanical Garden is very large, with many flowers and plants as well as a children’s garden and a nature center. Relatives told us that the locals will basically bring their children here. This is a children’s paradise. The butterfly garden is very unique. Another very good area is the pond area, where there are many blooming plants and millions of bees. Suitable for all ages This garden is suitable for people of all ages, even adults and the elderly will not get bored here. When I accompany the children on the adventure, I feel that I am involved in it and it doesn’t feel boring at all. The children are always keen and have discovered many "secrets" that we were about to miss. The huge Lego bricks are also very popular. Activity recommendation Here, I recommend everyone to take a look at this light show event~ It’s a shame that we have no chance to see the legendary light show because there is still a schedule later, but the number of people should always be regrettable and wait for the future to make up. Anyway, there are opportunities afterwards."