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Jinquan Lake

Jinquan Lake

5/52 Reviews
49.9 mi from downtown
"The lake is wide, the blue waves ripple, the surrounding mountains, the lakes and mountains, each other, not only people tourism good place, birds migration season, innumerable ducks, ferns in the lake foraging. The vast lake, the abundant aquatic life is a good place for the water birds such as the ferns, they freely fly on the lake, occasionally dive into the water to catch food; The ferns, who live on lakes, rivers or swamps, stand quietly and patiently in the grass, watching the fishes appear in the water. The water is rich in aquatic resources, only fish is dozens of species, there are to a dozen or dozens of kilograms of salmon, grassfish, and to a few dozen grams of small shrimp. The surrounding mountain stream is a good place for fishing enthusiasts, and is also an ideal place for nature enthusiasts to enjoy nature and cultivate sentiment. Around Jinquan Lake, the mountains are surrounded, there are more than twenty peaks of different shapes, different forming ages and causes, under the action of physical, chemical and hydraulic, some are early Yanshan intrusive cycle, some are late Hualixi intrusive cycle, Some of the peaks are steep and steep, some are stable and stable. From the west bank of Jinquan, the mountains look like a camel walking on the desert, so they are named Humpback Peak. And the two peaks at the west bank of the lake 504.2m are like a pair of partners, so the name of the god is the peak. The peak slope is steep, the strange stones, the summit is extremely eye-opening, see the water, mountains, mountains, water, the world, the celestial area; along the lake shore, the road around the mountain, the mountain around the water, the water blue mountain, the pleasure is eye-opening. [Scene] [Fun] [Cost-effective]"
Changshouhu Scenic Area

Changshouhu Scenic Area

1 Reviews
90.6 mi from downtown
"Maybe it’s a bit late to post this guide today, and everyone has basically decided on the route for the Dragon Boat Festival. We can only hope to help new tourists who are about to visit Changshou Lake. Recently it has been light rain in the morning, and the rain stopped at noon. On June 15th, it rained lightly in the morning and stopped at noon. It was still gray in the afternoon. The weather forecast said there would be rain for 3 days during the Dragon Boat Festival. Please make relevant preparations. Big Bear is no longer nonsense. Visitors to Changshou Lake are basically divided into self-guided tours and self-driving tours. Self-guided tour from Chongqing to Changshou (Changshou Lake) Long-distance bus stop is Hongqi Hegou Bus Station. Chongqing take the "Chongqing-Changshou Lake" direct bus. There are few daily departures and the time is basically fixed. Sometimes it is fully loaded in advance and leaves early. Need to ask the station, it is not particularly recommended (the price will be slightly lower than the total price of Changshou Lake first), about 80 minutes to the Changshou Lake Scenic Area. The long-distance bus to Changshou departs on a rolling basis (about 25 minutes). Except for large festivals, there may be queues. You don’t have to worry about boarding at other times (note: you choose your seat when you get on the bus). When you get off the expressway at Changshou, someone will get off the bus. Take good care of your luggage and prevent others from taking it by mistake. Longevity can be achieved in about 70 minutes. Fare: "Chongqing-Changshou Lake" 38 yuan "Chongqing-Changshou" 31 yuan Changshou Changshou get off at the back door of Changshou Qian Bus Station (not entering the station), after getting off, you need to walk along the outer wall of the station Go to the hall. The direction is where there are two noodle restaurants. After getting off the car, you can see the surroundings. Then walk straight from the side shop and see the highway. Turn right and walk a few steps. If you don’t know how to get there, please follow the big army! 1. Vehicles to Changshou Lake are divided into "high-speed" and "old roads". As the name suggests, the high-speed takes a high-speed road. It only takes about 15 minutes to get to the Changshou Lake Scenic Area. The train departs (about 25 minutes) and arrives at the high-speed exit turntable. , The driver will remind passengers to get off, and then walk 100 meters to the visitor center. Ticket price: "Longevity-Longevity Lake" 10.5 yuan"