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Theme Park
duoma parkNearby City

duoma park

4.4/5555 Reviews
"Theme Park"
Ranked #5 in Tangshan Can't Miss Attractions
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"We checked in on Thursday night, checked out at noon on Saturday, played for a day on Friday, all items were not queued, caught up with the cloudy day and small rain, super comfortable, I was worried about the service attitude before the evaluation, I found that most of the attitudes from the front desk to various places are super good, I still met one or two people who are unresponsive, but most of them are super enthusiastic. They also chat with us about where to play and how to play. The experience is very good. There are no people on Friday. We strolled to play while watching the scenery. In the afternoon, children play sand swimming on the beach. At 6:7, I turned to the hot spring pool to play, playing super happy, the hot spring water is very shallow children play relatively more rest assured, the last day is Saturday, we rented a six-person car in advance in the morning, there were a lot of people in the morning, the three small trains were full, we didn't play a few, There are not a few people fishing for crabs on Friday. On Saturday, we have to wait for a while. The child bought two small crabs, 15 pieces are OK, not expensive, the price of eating is also good, most of them are a few dozen or more. For the scenic spot, it is not expensive. We brought a box of water ourselves. So I didn't buy any water, in general I was very satisfied, with the children to play properly, small couples may not have much fun, mainly family trips with children to come here is perfect, the wooden house has water mosquitoes at night, a lot of large, but do not bite people, Asked the old man said that it was water mosquitoes that did not bite people, anyway, we stayed for two days, adults and children were not bitten, in short, it is recommended! When the child finally left, he was holding the door and didn't go, and he would like to play with all kinds of crying. I will come next time!"