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Geological Sites
上海青9The scenery was really beautiful! We went up the mountain on a small rainy morning. Walked the North Line to the South Line Big Loop Line for 9 hours, it was really a bit tired, but it was good to have a great view! After the rain stopped, the sea of clouds came out, the air was fresh and intoxicating, the scenery more cloud, then give the mountain more aura, the scenery after the rain is also clear. After so many places, I really said that this scenery really surprised me, and also changed me as a northerner, thinking that the scenic mountains only appear in the south, it is really good! Beautiful scenery!! Worth going! 5 stars praise.
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逍遥一凡Ye Sanpo Baili Gorge is a national 5A-level scenic spot and national geological park. It is located in Guogezhuang village, Yesanpo Town, Yishui County, Hebei Province, with a total area of 110 square kilometers. It is bordered by Fangshan District, Beijing, 115 kilometers from the center of Beijing, and is one of the most dazzling pearls in the tourist attractions of Western Beijing.
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yjw2000Yishui Lake is located 25 kilometers southwest of Yixian City, 150 kilometers from Beijing, 80 kilometers from Xiong'an New District, Lianlian "Rejecting Horse Bentao", Xiaqi "Yishui cold current", Nanwang "Langshan Jingxiu", and the north boundary "Yunmeng Diecui". The area of the water is about 27 square kilometers, the capacity is 3.9 billion cubic meters, the deepest reaches 48.5 meters. Yishui Lake, the mountains are unsurpassed, the air is clean and dustless, the trees are prosperous. Yishui Lake "Little Guilin" is located in the lakeside of Yishui Lake, vine Luo upside down cliffs, sketch out the southern scenery of Guilin landscape painting, the mountain has fairy cave, fairy bridge, fairy canal, prince hat and other attractions, leaving the seven fairy godfather's beautiful legend. Visitors leave a good sentence: seven fairy to this country, easy water lake landscape small Guilin, to know the beauty of the scenery here, why a thousand miles down the river south. Lake, blue waves, can rafting, can diving, can set hook fishing, can take a boat view. Swinging along the lake east, you can see the east side of the Kowloon Mountains on the strange stone stand.
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106***66Langya Mountain, ancient name of Langya Mountain, located in the western Yi County, Baoding City, Hebei Province, the Taihang Mountains, 36 kilometers from the county seat, 5-336 peaks. Because of its strange peaks, steep, and the shape of the wolf teeth.
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老鹰在飞翔Ye Sanpo Scenic Area is located in Yishui County, Hebei Province, the intersection of Taihang Mountains and Yanshan Mountains, the main attractions include Bailixia Scenic Area, Juma River Scenic Area, Longmen Tianguan Scenic Area, Baicaoyu Forest Tourist Area, Fish Valley Cave, Impression Ye Sanpo and so on.
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Water Park
爱玩客😍[interest] a lot, here can be lost in the big place, suitable for young people and children to play, take the old people to go to hot springs, many days are difficult to play, you can live for a day, recommend to play here

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Liufaqingongjianxueyundong Memorial HallBaoding,China

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Yesanpo Beida He DriftingBaoding,China

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Shenhusiji Ecological ParkBaoding,China

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Langya Mountain Snow ZoneBaoding,China

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Baishishanda TheaterBaoding,China

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Baoding Travel Tips

About Baoding

Baoding is a city in Hebei which has been famous for more than two thousand years. It was the provincial capital of Hebei from 1966 to 1968. The Zhili Provincial Governor’s Office and the Ancient Lotus Pool are two sites in downtown Baoding that showcase the glory of this ancient city. Leaving the city proper, the natural landscape of Yesanpo has become an excellent place for escaping the summer heat. You can also go to Lake Baiyangdian and take a wooden boat through the verdant reeds. If you find the history of China's Qing Dynasty interesting, the Western Qing Tombs won't let you down. This is the final resting place of many Qing dynasty emperors including Yongzheng and Daoguang.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the best places to visit in Baoding, including: Baishishan World Geopark,Bailixia,Yishui Lake
I recommended Quansheng Gorge Scenic Area, Tianshengqiao Scenic Area, Yesanpo White Grass Scenic Area, Mount Hu Scenic Area, Yugudong Natural Scenic Area.
The Tomb of Li Shugu, the Dabaiji Site, the Shadow Sanlang and the Da Songtai are all good.
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