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羊驼啊Sea fairy mountain, the name is not imaginary Tian Lian Tian Heng, the power to pull five Tian shi shi Akagi. Tiantai 48 thousand zhang, this is to pour down southeast. Note 1, take the Feirada, Hulu Cave route, you can experience the excitement of climbing and exploration of the joy of Hulu Cave, this route is particularly few people, Amway Little Climbing mountain route. At the end is a tile and the direction of the Tongtian Cave, return to the sea path down the mountain. 2. There is a little master in the holy place of Taizhao practice who can ask for a sign to solve the puzzles. He only asks for a belief in himself. He may as well try it.
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我的世外桃源Laoshan Island, known as "the pearl of the sea" of the island, the scenery is beautiful, there are Tianhu pancai, Nanguo Tianshan, the sea Cape clear sky and other scenic spots, is listed as the world Geopark Tailu Mountain Scenic Area one of the four major landscape, Laoshan Island is ranked as the ten most beautiful island in the country. Anshan Island is called the Fukuyama Islands, which means "Fudi and Meiyu." Daanshan Island is 5 kilometers in diameter, 21.22 square kilometers, the highest point of Hongji Dongshan elevation 541.3 meters, the second largest island in eastern Guangdong (the first largest island in eastern Guangdong is Sandu Island). At 200 meters above sea level, there are two lakes of size. The lake around the peaks ring arch, its shape like volcano, Lushan Island also has this name, the area of the Great Tianhu more than 1000 mu, the small Tianhu more than 200 mu, the two lakes separated more than 1000 meters, each has spring eyes, clear see the bottom. Lake around the hillside is gentle, is "South Tianshan" the reputation of the ten thousand mu grassland. Xiaoyishan Island area 3.28 square kilometers, coastal reefs stand, sea erosion topography is very prominent, constitute a strange landscape, only 50 meters above sea level, the island is dense vegetation, perched thousands of seagulls and other migratory birds, at first take off, very spectacular.
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M40***86Great beach, the owner of the restaurant outside is also super good. The tire is out of breath, the boss helped me take the tire out to breathe. Buy a child's toy to help me to counter the price. I have an appetite bad and told him. I will also cook seafood stew. First time I go. I don't live in the cabin in the scenic spot. The scenery is not bad. The air in one room is not good. Everything else is good. The breakfast is very rich. It is not good air. The food is not expensive. The sand pond is very thin. There are not many people. Overall, it feels good.
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悠悠闲闲Very favorite place, slowly, the bamboo raft swayed all the way. There is a feeling of Yangshuo drifting. The scenery on both sides of the strait is also very good, but the time is a bit short, only forty minutes. This is the second time I went, it is quite suitable for a self-driving tour, this time I brought new friends.
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钱旋勒I joined a group of friends for rafting on the weekend. The tickets are quite discounted for the online activity group. I asked other people to play and found that the tickets we bought were the cheapest. Haha. I floated down the whole journey for more than two hours. If it is slow It took three or four hours. The sun was a bit big that day. After applying sunscreen, I got wet with hand water. I was tired and slippery. I took someone else’s boat away. Some places are almost vertical, which is quite dangerous. A couple’s boat overturned and was bleeding. Pay attention to safety and come next year.
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老吴华哥The ancient temple of the millennium is located in Fuding City, founded in the first year of the Tang Dynasty, the peak in the Song Dynasty, the current 1148 years, there are still the foundation stone of Tang, Song Spring, Song and Ming Dynasties, Millennium iron village, Qing cypress, and shoka. The famous monks and monks of the past have been relics, and have witnessed the rise and fall of history for more than a thousand years. The city can take the bus 3 to the entrance of the mountain of Ziguo Temple.

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Chixi Sceneic AreaNingde,China

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Fudingshi Xiaotai Laohuifeng TempleNingde,China

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Fudingshi MuseumNingde,China

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Ding Culture ParkNingde,China

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Little Egret Bird Beach ResortNingde,China

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Ziguo TempleNingde,China

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About Fuding

Fuding is a county-level city in Fujian province, close to the city of Ningde. The area has a fertile, hilly landscape that is ideal for growing trees, tea, fruit and other crops. Taimu Mountain is known for its granite peaks and caves and offers spectacular views over the surrounding hills and coast. The Taimu Mountain Scenic Area includes a number of other attractions including waterfalls, coastal islands, beaches, Ruiyin Temple and one of southern China's best-preserved ancient residences, built during the Qing dynasty in the 18th century.

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Fuding Weather

Oct 23, 2021
Light Rain
16 ~ 19
Oct 24, 2021
15 / 21
Oct 25, 2021
16 / 25
Oct 26, 2021
17 / 25
Oct 27, 2021
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Oct 28, 2021
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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Fuding
Oct 23, 2021 Fuding Weather: Light Rain, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 66%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:03/17:24
Fuding Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Advised, UV Strength: Very Low

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Here are the best places to visit in Fuding, including: Taimu Mountain,Dayushan Island,Little Egret Bird Beach Resort
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