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Things To Do in Heihe

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E62***43I would recommend to anyone who wanna have a real feel of how the volcano erupts and what it leaves behind and also how it looks like
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E62***43It was a good trip I had which helped me to relieve some stress and boredom and it was very exciting too with some mystery and history which I would recommend to to anybody who wanna trip.
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M33***15Wenbo is the most worthwhile attraction in Wudalian Pond. I am also particularly grateful to our chartered driver for explaining this attraction in detail. If it is not for us to introduce the scenic route, wenbo is a boat tour. Pay attention to the two doors in Wenbo, which shows how wise it is to charter a car, because one door is in and out, so it is not too convenient to drive yourself. We choose the car of 🏠 Yunbo Hotel. It is very convenient to live together. You can refer to it and it is more reliable than the outside. It is recommended to go to the South Gate and go to the West Gate. The number of ships at the South Gate is large, the flow of people is large, and the boat leaves. There is also a steamer dock at the West Gate, but there are fewer ships to wait. The South Gate also has a 3.8km stack road line. We choose the water way in, walk out and experience a diversified view. Wenbo is a pearl on the banks of the beautiful Shilong River. It is a bonsai-style volcanic wonder. It is more than 1200 meters in length, with an average water depth of 0.8 meters and about 2 meters deepest. The word Wenbo is like its name, a warm lake. A shoal of water grass surrounded by the first deep autumn leaves in the water. Especially in the lake, green baths stretch, thick and drifting with the waves. Sunny fish play. . . Wenbo water more than Jiuzhai a few more flexible anger.
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320***64With the epidemic and the issue of popularity, there are not too many people. I went with an 80-something old lady. The old lady had trouble with her legs and feet, so she could only go to the observation deck to look at the cane and could not walk on the plank road. I just took the sightseeing tram and looked at the observation deck on the mountain, but I can't fully evaluate the scenery there. Just talk about the humanized services there. Arrived around 8:30 in the morning, the weather was cloudy, and there was a little rain on the road. There will be no one else. Because I didn't know the situation on the mountain, I was afraid that the old lady could not go sightseeing, so I asked the ticket office. The ticket office staff answered the questions asked in detail. After buying a ticket and entering it, the tourist bus driver saw that the old lady was over 80, and put two cotton pads on the seat. Seeing that the old lady’s legs were not good, she handed over two cotton pads to cover her legs. The car drove up to the mountain, and the parking place was more than ten meters away from the viewing platform. The driver master deliberately turned to the viewing platform. Especially when we got down, the driver's master drove the battery car out of the gate of the scenic area (usually it is not possible to get out of the scenic area) and sent us to the parking lot. Thank you for the humanized service in the scenic area and the driver of the sightseeing battery car.
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崂山顽石Taking the opportunity of the Harbin Medical University Alumni Association, several classmates gathered in Heihe to watch the Heilongjiang Sino-Russian Ethnic Customs Park. Here is the basis for CCTV "The Dawn Is Quiet Here", the four ethnic villages of Oroqen, Daur, Manchu, and Russia, as well as tourist service areas such as the garden gate landscape belt, leisure camps, and special stadiums. The four ethnic villages reflect the Oroqen and Russian ethnic groups. The culture of Daur and Manchu needs to be enriched and supplemented. Among them, the life characteristics of the Oroqen people left a deep impression on us. The "Zuo Luozi" building where they hunted is very characteristic and has a strange appearance. In addition, a boulder is carved with a poem by Bian Jin, a poet of Oroqen education, "Oroqen Bamboo Branch Poems-Shannan Mountain is green in the north, and lives on the first peak of Lingxiao. The fifteenth daughter can try horses, and the willows can play flying dragons in the depths of the willows. It is very impressive to read. .
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走遍天下XZWudalian Pond is listed as one of the "50 destinations of life" in China, one of the three cold springs in the world, the most magical place of Wudalian Pond. When you go, remember to bring an empty mineral water bottle, taste the cold, clear, sweet spring water, the water is full of dense, dense bubbles, taste with light salt soda, said to be particularly nourishing stomach. After an hour or two, the water rich iron and other minerals will be precipitated, water color turns yellow, but does not affect drinking.