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Things To Do in Taining

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攸声旅游Taining Dajin Lake, a unique water Danxia landform, Taining has rich geological and landform resources, the most famous is the water Danxia Dajin Lake. 🌇 Dajin Lake is located in the southeastern part of the middle section of Wuyi Mountains in the northwest of Fujian Province, about 15 kilometers away from Taining County. ❄️ Taining's travel distribution center, every day there is a tour bus to the surrounding scenic spots. It takes about 20 minutes to drive from Taining, and the fare is 8 yuan. When I got on the bus, the driver gave me his phone number and told me to call him when I returned. 🥰The tourism distribution center in Taining City has regulations. Guests who take their tour buses will pack and pick up. 🌸Unfortunately, I went during the off-season of tourism. In the afternoon, there may be no tourists to leave, and the bus will not leave, but as long as I call, I will specifically pick me up. 🤩 I heard this, I am really touched. The tourism service in Taining City is too well done, and I must help you to promote it. 👍🙊 Because it is a Danxia on the water, visiting the Great Golden Lake must be by boat. There are two kinds of boats in the scenic area, one is a cruise ship on the upper and lower levels, and the other is a yacht on the lower levels. It takes 4.5 hours for a cruise to go around, and the yacht is a deep tour, which takes 6 hours. When I arrived, the cruise ship just left, and the next one was the yacht. Hearing this news, I am quite regretful that I did not go out early and catch the boat at 9 o'clock 😭. Just then, there are donkey friends from Huizhou and a sister from Beijing who want to charter a boat, so a group of people from the north and south of the sky, gathered together to play. 🌹🌈Touring the Great Golden Lake is divided into two parts: water tour and ashore tour. 💯Among them, Ganlu Temple, Rock Gap Tianti and Wild Fun are the attractions on the shore. 🚢Dachibi, Shangqingxi, Putuoyan and Maoershan must visit from the water to see their scenery. The Danxia landform of Taining gives me a feeling that it really looks like ❗ Guilin's landscape is called "3 minutes like, 7 minutes imagine", but Taining is telling you straight, 👉 Nature wrote a "Xian" here, 🐼 There is a panda playing water, 🐈 Another cute cat is nibbling on the river, which is the best thing to do. ⚠️ Taining Dajinhu Tour Guide: 👉 Address: 💰 Ticket: 80 yuan, tour guide fee 8 yuan 🛥️ Ship ticket: Cruise 75-125 yuan in Taining County, Sanming City, Fujian Province; Yacht 95-145 Yuan 🏫 Open Time: 8:00-14:30🍁 Tour Time: 4.5 or 6 hours
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_We***97The ancients said that the day and night long, why not take a candle tour, to Taining, Kowloon Lake must be reported, in the boat night tour, listening to the boatman's explanation, watching the flowing colors, Danxia landform has a different travel experience.
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半叶无心草Change the ticket in the service area, and then do the scenic car. You need to walk a little further to get on the bamboo pole. You don't need to buy shoestrings or something like that. The whole trip is two hours. It's a bit unbearable to sit on the bamboo chair. It's cooler after 2:30 in the afternoon. The boatman's explanation is more detailed and the scenery is good. Feel the magic of nature!
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酒仙老周Remember that many years ago, Taining was still a train in Wuyishan to change the scene! Remember that at that time 10 yuan breakfast a lot of soup can be wine! At that time, in the middle of summer, went to Dajinhu, Shangqingxi! Ancient city! Only the Grand Canyon was omitted! The following year, the news said that the storm and rain in Shangqingxi were flooded! This time I knew that there would be fewer tourists here! Surely the experience is good! Fortunately, not too much physical strength! [View] [Fun] [Cost-effective]
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Historical Architecture
Leesing小歆Ming and Qing Dynasty Garden is the first national collection and display of the Ming and Qing Dynasties ancient architecture and wood carving art of the Forbidden City, is also the most collection of the folk, is a unique style of private collection culture grand park, and in November 2014 was upgraded to the national AAAA class scenic spot. - The buildings in the park of Ming and Qing Dynasties were transferred from all over the country, all of which were the factors of the old city renovation, highway construction and the re-cultivation of the old house base, and were transplanted from the old houses and houses that the company had to dismantle according to the needs of the construction. It is not only the innovation of Chinese traditional garden architecture style and modern leisure culture products, but also the inheritance and extension of Taining historical context. -⛩ Attractions: Ming and Qing Garden 💰 Tickets: 8⃣️0⃣️ Yuan/Person (All major platforms have discounts, it is recommended to buy online, and the national medical worker can be free 🆓) 🕖 Time: 8:00~17:30 (Play time is about 2 hours) 📍 Location: Wuliting 🚌 Bus: Taining 3⃣️ Road
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Historical Architecture
szcsThe ancient building group of the Ming Dynasty, with a heavy history, can be appreciated slowly, tickets are not expensive, Trip.com booking and discounts, unfortunately, it was raining very hard that day, so it was a bit unpleasant.