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燃烧生命的小胖妞Dajin Lake is located in the northwest of Fujian Province, belonging to Taining County, Sanming City. Dajin Lake Geopark is mainly Danxia landform landscape, and there are also granite landform landscape and humanistic landscape among them. In the southwest of Danxia landform there are granite landform landscape, the central humanistic landscape.
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Geological Sites
M24***91Night tour of Kowloon Pool, this attraction is very special, take an electric kayak 8 people a boat, boatman led the journey to the beautiful Kowloon Pool, here is mainly to watch the light show, along the way through the light rendering, create a beautiful scenery of Kowloon Pool, there are other features, Watching the Danxia landscape under the light, passing through the tunnels is like swimming through a time tunnel. Through the cliffs that can only accommodate a kayak pass, you can see a golden maple tree for hundreds of years. There is also a water projection, projection of peacock, butterfly and other three-dimensional dynamic images, create a world of wonderland feeling, the key is the night tour is comfortable not hot, light show is really very feeling. Only the shortage is that driving to the service area needs to stop first, parking charges 10 yuan, but also take the scenic bus to the scenic entrance unified, mosquito thief, this affects the mood of travel.
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酒仙老周Remember that many years ago, Taining was still a train in Wuyishan to change the scene! Remember that at that time 10 yuan breakfast a lot of soup can be wine! At that time, in the middle of summer, went to Dajinhu, Shangqingxi! Ancient city! Only the Grand Canyon was omitted! The following year, the news said that the storm and rain in Shangqingxi were flooded! This time I knew that there would be fewer tourists here! Surely the experience is good! Fortunately, not too much physical strength! [View] [Fun] [Cost-effective]
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_ZF***62Stimulation, canyon small, fast water, bamboo row sit 6 people, fun, in the hot summer to the valley to rafting, fun, is the boatman tips are not standard, sometimes 10 yuan sometimes 20, speechless, it is better to get directly one price.
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Geological Sites
酒仙老周Taining World Geopark not only has beautiful and unique scenery! It is also a place with a human landscape! There are many very hilarious activities, with a young child will not be boring! You can also receive science education when you are visiting the mountains and water! Yutaoyule! High-altitude rafting and jungle crossing are very good options! It's a little expensive for small tickets! ✅ A must experience: High-altitude rafting is a canoe for two people, very exciting and safe! You can walk a lot of mountain roads less! Still worth the [view] [fun] [price/performance] for the child
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Ancient Settlement
粉红色的猴Taining ancient city is located in the south foot of Wuyishan, Taining County, the ancient city contains too many stories, preserving a large number of complete and precious ancient buildings. Therefore, in 2005 China charm town selection, Taining can stand out, the top ten charm town, it is not surprising.

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About Taining

Taining County is located in northwest Fujian, to the southeast of the Shanling Mountains that branch off from the center of the Wuyi range. The Taining Global Geopark is the collective designation for all the county's danxia scenery (a red rock cliff landform unique to China). This comprises the scenic areas of Dajin Lake (“Big Golden Lake”), Baxian Cliff (“Eight Divinities Cliff”), Jinrao Mountain (“Gold-Rich Mountain”), and Taining Ancient City. Taining was once the military command center of China’s revolution and is one of China’s “Hundred Classic Red Tourist Areas.”

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Oct 24, 2021 Taining Weather: Cloudy, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 92%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:16/17:35
Taining Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Not Required, UV Strength: Moderate

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Here are the best places to visit in Taining, including: Dajin Lake,Zhaixia Grand Canyon,Nine Dragon Pond
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