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Guanyin Mountain National Forest ParkNearby City

Guanyin Mountain National Forest Park

4.4/52202 Reviews
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Ranked #1 in Dongguan Amazing Natural Scenery
Open from 06/01-09/30,7:00am-5:30pm;Open from 10/01-05/31,7:00am-5:00pm (Local time)
"1, the ticket price is 45, if you buy it one day in advance, you can have a discount! Because it is a temporary initiative, you can buy a full ticket! There are elderly and children in the itinerary. It is recommended to buy a set ticket to take the car to the mountain, and it is still quite far to walk to Guanyin, 7 kilometers! Climb slowly for about 2 hours. Buy a sightseeing ticket alone should be 30 yuan a person! 2, you can choose to climb your own entrance ticket, others inside you have to play and buy yourself, for example, you can play the zipline, but you can only go down and not go up. There are also entertainment facilities for children to play. There are also places to eat!3, there are a lot of bathrooms, all the way, this is very good. 4, the top of the mountain can be worshipped Guanyin, there are incense sales, I can't buy it myself, unless it is very well hidden! The mountain is not expensive, Zhongxiang 35, much better! Daxiang 45! Incense fire is full, no incense can light candles, very good, worship Guanyin, can pray for children 5, we are driving, parking is free, there are two parking lots, there are many parking spaces inside. Don't stop outside the scenic spot, not only is the money pitted, when you go back and go a long way to get on the bus, it is quite tired! 6, it is best to wear sneakers, leisure shoes ~ See someone climbing to wear high heels 👠, go back to the ankle will definitely be very painful"


4.5/549 Reviews
Open 24 hours (Local time)
"I used to write long essays, quoting and quoting, and express my feelings directly, but recently I feel that the short essays are also good, concise and concise, with a long aftertaste. This is also what I said before. Life can be good or bad, and the key depends on how you look at it. Today's photo is Nanshan in Shenzhen. It sounds so expectant, how do you say? Picking the chrysanthemum and seeing Nanshan leisurely, I finally reached Nanshan a thousand miles away, and I was able to face Tao Yuanming far away. He looked down the mountain, and I peeped on the mountain. When my eyes met, would I cry with excitement? Haha, if it does happen, it must be a spy movie. Tao Yuanming will never pick chrysanthemums anymore, but the sun still rises every day. Today’s sun should not be much different from the sun thousands of years ago, so today’s sunset should be the same as Tao Gong saw. The beauty, which means that the beauty is happening every day, but. . . Everyone can only grab a very small section in the long river of history, which sounds so sad. I really want to say, no, I want to grow up with history. But the reality is cruel. Let me give you a piece of advice, don’t mess around, talk to yourself and think about wrongs there, you will be confused, just say goodbye to history, hurry up and become enlightened, hurry up Open your eyes. Hehehe, I can write fart essays easily. I really convinced myself. Did my eyes open? Read well and experience it with your heart."