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Winter Bucket List in Japan 2020: A Bright Color in Winter
Japan's four seasons have their own scenic spots. In addition to watching the snow in winter, there are romantic and dreamy lighting shows waiting for you to see!
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Dontonbori Osaka: One Day Guide
Dotonbori Osaka is one of the most fascinating and revered destinations by tourists who visit Osaka, Japan. Characterized by neon and large signboards on both the sides of this beauteous and vibrant street, this place has been a theater district in the past. Today, it is highly known for the blasting nightlife and humongous entertainment center that it has become over the years. Dotonbori area's most known landmark is a billboard called as the Glico running man that features a runner crossing the finishing line. The amusing and value holding fact behind this billboard is its association as an icon of Osaka within Japan as a hub for the confectionery industry. Also known as the bright heart of Osaka, this place, with huge signage and neon lights hosts a commendably enormous variety of extravagant bars and restaurants with a variety of delicious cuisines that make this place a perfect destination to bring all your nightlife fantasies to life.
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Summer Vacation Ideas in Japan: Fireworks Festival
Summer Kansai Fireworks Festival is something you cannot miss in your summer vacation in Japan. Wearing a yukata and holding moon-shaped fans to attend the fireworks festival has become a part of Japan's poetic summer scenery. We have to mention Kansai when talking about fireworks festivals. Each place has its own characteristics. It is a really unique experience when appreciating the fireworks exploding in the sky. Have you decided where to go watch fireworks in Japan this summer?
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Tokyo to Osaka: How to Travel Cheap and Fast?
The cheapest way to travel between Tokyo to Osaka is by bus, especially night bus. Total journey could spend 8-10 or so hours. Tips: Might be worth the extra 500 yen to have onboard toilet and comfortable chairs and night bus save you one night hotel fee. Fastest way to travel between Tokyo to Osaka is Shinkansen, faster than air! Total time cost: 150 min. No safe checking, not so long on the trams to airports. Leaving at the same time, those taking the Shinkansen will reach the destination earlier than those flying.
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Visit Osaka with Taiga Drama "Sanada Maru"
Osaka Castle Osaka Castle, also known as Golden City or Prosperous City, is the most famous tourist attraction and symbol of Osaka. After the unification of the Japanese islands, Toyotomi Hideyoshi began to build Osaka City in 1583 to show his power, which was destroyed several times later. The city we see now was rebuilt in 1931. The 12 kilometer long city wall of the moat is piled up with a large number of derrick stones. It is extremely majestic, making Osaka City as solid as gold. The interior of castle tower has been rebuilt into a museum. You can enjoy the rich exhibits of Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Osaka. Here once was the last fortress of Toyotomi Hideyoshi family against the East army.
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Stroll Around and Eat at The Local Market
As an island country, the most sufficient resource in Japan is all kinds of seafood. It is said that when you go to a city, you don’t have a deep understanding of it until you walk around the local market. Now, let's take a look at these "salivating" markets in Japan.
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The Best Cherry Blossom Spots
Every year in the springtime, it’s cherry blossom season in Japan. Starting out from Okinawa in January, the blooming of cherry blossoms gradually moves northward, and following the cherry blossom blooming trail has become a big tourist event in Japan. Below are Japan’s 10 most famous cherry blossom spots, found in the Kanto, Kansai, and Hokkaido regions.
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A Guide to the Best Aquariums in Japan
Aquarium, a place full of girlish romance, becomes a summer resort in summer. Parents and children can explore the unknown underwater world here, so that children learn about lovely marine creatures, and lovers can go on dates here to meet unknown touched emotions and create sweet memories. Japan is a place with many wonderful aquariums which are waiting for us to visit. Let's explore the dreamy underwater world together!
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Disney, Universal Studios, Fuji-Q…… There will Definitely be an Amusement Park that You Love Most
Disney, Universal Studios, Fuji-Q…… There will definitely be an amusement park that you love most
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9 Local Delicacies Worth Tasting in Osaka
Fine food is one of Osaka's biggest hallmarks, and locals refer to it as "the nation's kitchen." Here we list nine trademark restaurants serving characteristic Osakan delicacies.
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Namba Guide: What to See and Do
Namba is a high-energy entertainment district frequented by commuters from a bustling cluster of transit stations. A destination that seeks to elaborate the vibrant counterculture, the massive historical context. It helps you encapsulate the “photographed” Japan of your dreams? Book yourself tickets to Namba. This ever-enchanting place to see for yourselves. Set amidst high rise buildings and concrete mammoths, Namba allows its visitors a visual treat and an exciting as well as enticing trip. A groovy and hip cultural district in Osaka, this tourist destination is a must-see. It’s a bustling place where you are bound to find an amalgamated crowd consisting of gaping tourists and locals coming to blow off the steam after a hectic day.
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TOP 7 Most Distinctive Japanese Festivals, You've Earned if You Know about Them
Participate in Osaka Tenjin Matsuri Festival: One of the three major festivals in Japan Osaka Tenjin Matsuri Festival, with a history of more than 1,000 years, is one of the "three major festivals" in Japan and the largest water celebration in the world The highlight of the festival is the "Parade on Land" and "Parade by Boat". Parade on Land indicates that 3,000 people dressed in Nara's Heian court costume and the God sedan with the slowly walk forward; Parade by Boat indicates that about 100 boats from Tenma Bridge go upstream. In the evening, there is also the fireworks display.
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7 Best Asian Street Foods and Where to Get Them
In Asia, street food is a way of living and for many their breakfast, lunch and dinner is straight off the Asian street food list and is all about Asian street food and more street food from Asian street food restaurants! No matter where in Asia you travel, the food is full of flavour and reflects the culture of the country. Day in and day out the street vendors dish out the perfect dish always freshly sourced, done simply and quickly, costing less perhaps than buying groceries and cooking your own meals in your own kitchen. Why then not just eat the street food?
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Sushi, Ramen, Michelin...If You Want to Learn About Japanese Must-Try Food then Read This
Sushi, ramen, Michelin... if you want to learn about Japanese must-try food then read this
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Which is The Best Shopping Male in Osaka
Shopping is an essential part of traveling. Osaka, the third most populous city after Tokyo and Yokohama in Japan, is packed with bustling crowds and shopping malls. The shopping area in Osaka is mainly around Dotonbori, Shinsaibashi and Umeda with so many big department stores, and people come here will buy many things.
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The Cute Takoyaki, the Soul Food of Osaka, Wouldn’t You Like One?
The cute Takoyaki, the soul food of Osaka, wouldn’t you like one?
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Top 10 Most Popular Hotels in Osaka
1. Hotel Nikko Osaka Recommendation reason: spectacular view from 31F lounge Just in front of the Hotel Nikko Fukuoka in Osaka is Midosuji Boulevard, and opposite the Daimaru Department Store It boasts direct access to the Shinsaibashi Subway Station, easy access to shopping areas, restaurants and the Dotonbori district. The hotel is only a 30-minute drive from Universal Studios Japan. The Don Quijote DONKI Store, MATSUMOTO KIYOSHI, Biccamera and 100-yen stores nearby will make you keep buying. In the hotel, never miss the Japanese restaurant Benkay and 31F lounge that serves Chinese and French cuisine with a view of the Osaka skyline. Serena serves a daily breakfast buffet with a range of homemade breads. Recommendation reason: first choice for shopping and sightseeing
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Special Aquarium Must Go in Summer
Aquarium, a place full of girlish romance, will become a summer resort in summer. Parents and children can explore the unknown underwater world here, so that children can know lovely marine creatures; and lovers can date here to meet unknown touched emotion and keep sweet memories. Japan is a place with many wonderful aquariums which is waiting for us to visit. Let’s explore the dreamy underwater world together with me!
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15 Fun Things To Do in Osaka
Osaka, the third most visited city in Japan, has a lot to offer to its tourists. The reason being simple. While Tokyo and Kyoto have an extensive list of attractions in terms of history, festivals and many events, the laid-back city of Osaka have a different vibrancy of its own, whether it be unique culinary, culture or heartwarming experiences and of course, many attractions. If the land of the rising sun, Japan is your next vacation destination, wondering what to do in Osaka, this carefully curated list of 15 fun things to do in Osaka Japan will help you make the most of your trip.
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A Visit to Shinsekai: Explore the "New World" of Osaka
Why is Shinsekai-visiting interesting? Shinsekai is an old neighbourhood located next to south Osaka City's downtown "Minami" area. The downtown Osaka area called Shinsekai, meaning “new world” in Japanese is an experience quite different from modern Osaka. It is like taking a seat in the time machine's future capsule filled with the traditional nostalgic longing for the future of an entertainment area and the 64m Tsutenkaku Tower. We will take into this wild new world firstly exploring the history of Shinsekai Osaka, how to get there, what to expect and what to do in this part of Southern Osaka which officially opened in 1912. Yes, the Japanese indeed envisaged this entertainment city way back in time and it is still running to packed houses. Let us tell why!
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Top 10 Fun Things to do in Dotonbori Osaka
Dotonbori, Osaka has an energetic feel that captivates you. The shops and eateries here are a big pull, especially at night with its bright neon lights, it is something no one should miss. The magnetism of Dotonbori is uncanny, and that’s what makes it the most popular destination in Osaka, the second-largest city in Japan. The lively entertainment, a variety of restaurants and bars, flashy signage, multiple avenues for shopping, and a vintage feel makes it a trendy place for international visitors.
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Osaka Guide: Universal Studios Japan
Are you aware that Universal Studios Japan is one of the highest-rated experiences in Osaka? Not without a reason. So, allow us to make your trip to the Universal Studios Japan memorable and with all information so you can make the most of this once-in-a-blue-moon experience. USJ-Universal Studios Japan started the first Asian theme park at Osaka Bay during 2001 March. Spread over a huge 39 hectares, it is second only to the Tokyo Disney Resort and is hugely popular with adults and kids alike for its simulated virtual reality 3D AI-enabled rides and roller coasters that can churn your insides in gravity-defying moves and speeds and simulate movie scenes from the popular movies like Back to the Future, Spiderman, Jurassic Park and Terminator-2.
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Enjoy Awesome Rides in Universal Studios Japan
Universal Studios Japan is one of the coolest amusement parks worth visiting in the Osaka Bay Area, Japan. Universal Studios Japan is one of the first few theme parks from Universal Studios in the Asian region and one of the only four in the entire world. Opened for the world in 2001, it is the first amongst other popular theme parks in Asia and the most visited amusement arena next to Tokyo Disney Resort in Japan.
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A Most-toured Historic Site in Japan
Situated in Osaka, the financial center of Japan, Osaka Castle is one of the most famous and historic castles and the main landmark of the city. Back when Osaka Castle was initially built, this castle was the largest and best constructed. It is the symbol of the city and is an important historical monument that represents the great history of the Azuchi-Momoyama period during the 16th century. In 1583 Hideyoshi Toyotomi, a famous unifying warlord of Japanese history, ordered to build this castle. With a long-complicated history of built, destroyed and rebuilt many times, the Osaka Castle’s Main Tower with-stood the test of the time over the years. Stuck by lighting in 1662 and destroyed completely, the citizens of the Osaka funded and rebuild the main tower with Ferroconcrete. With the completion of the reconstruction of the castle in 1997, Osaka Castle gained its place as one of the 3 great castles
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