Clay Mask Making for Dia de los Muertos (Longmont) | Firehouse Art Center

Clay Mask Making for Dia de los Muertos (Longmont) | Firehouse Art Center

Sep 17, 2023 (UTC-7)
Firehouse Art Center


Join the Firehouse Art Center in Longmont for the Clay Mask Making for Dia de los Muertos event. This exciting exhibit and auction will showcase Catrina, Aztec/Mayan inspired, Alebrije, and Monarch Butterfly inspired masks. The event will take place at the Firehouse Art Center located at 667 4th Avenue in Longmont, CO 80501 on September 17, 2023. During the art session, participants will have the opportunity to create their own ceramic mask. Using a ceramic mask mold, attendees will shape and sculpt the mask, adding clay elements such as flowers and butterflies with the score, slip, and smooth technique. Once the masks are completed, they will be fired and ready for painting or glazing. Artists can choose to use acrylic paints or glazes provided by the Firehouse Art Center. If glazed, the masks will undergo a second firing in the kiln. The masks created during this event will be auctioned off during the Exhibit Opening. Artists will receive 40% of the auction price, with the option to donate a portion back to the Firehouse to support their Art Education outreach programs. This event not only allows participants to express their creativity but also supports the Firehouse Art Center in their mission to educate the community about this cultural celebration. To reserve a spot for this event or get on the waiting list, please email Donations to cover the cost of clay and firing are encouraged. Clay, paint, and glazes will be provided, but participants are welcome to bring additional materials such as gems, feathers, or fabric to enhance their masks. Multiple session times and days are available to accommodate various schedules. Don't miss this opportunity to create a unique work of art and support the Firehouse Art Center.

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