Cross Florida: The Spanish, Fort DeSoto To Saint Augustine

Cross Florida: The Spanish, Fort DeSoto To Saint Augustine

Jan 6, 2024 (UTC-5)
anderson blvd, St. Petersburg, FL 33715


The Cross Florida: The Spanish is an exhilarating coast-to-coast bikepacking route that spans from Fort DeSoto to Saint Augustine. Created by Patrick Thomsen, Matt Wiggins, and Karlos Bernart, the Spanish Indian Trail is a thrilling fat tire route that offers riders a unique and challenging experience. Starting from the stunning West Coast at Fort DeSoto in Saint Petersburg, participants will embark on a remarkable journey, ultimately reaching the picturesque Castillo De San Marco on the East Coast in Saint Augustine. This incredible route is a fusion of various terrains, including singletrack, forest roads, double track, grassy paths, bike paths, and paved roads, resembling a mesmerizing Patchwork Quilt. Riders will have two options to choose from this year, with an impressive 520-mile odyssey and a slightly shorter 420-mile option. For added convenience, a shuttle service will be available to transport riders from the finish in Saint Augustine to the start at Fort DeSoto. To ensure a fair and competitive challenge, there are a few rules in place. Participants must complete the route under their own power, without the aid of any motorized vehicles, except in cases of medical emergencies. Drafting is not permitted, and riders are expected to carry their own supplies, only obtaining them from commercial establishments along the route. Pre-arranged support or supplies are strictly prohibited, and no SAG vehicles are allowed. There will be three checkpoints along the route, where riders must provide photographic evidence of their progress. Some checkpoints may require video documentation. Participants can submit their photos and videos via email or post them on Facebook for verification. There is no time limit or cut-offs for this challenge, allowing riders to complete it at their own pace. The event will commence with a mass start for all participants who begin with the group on the day of the event. Collected fees contribute to the development of new routes, projects, and the maintenance of existing and future endeavors. Generosity is encouraged and often brings good luck during the event. If you're seeking an unforgettable adventure, this could be the year you decide to conquer the Cross Florida: The Spanish. For any inquiries, please email Karlos.

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