Excelsior Art Initiative ArtWalk & Cheers to Art | The Salad Place & Rotisserie

Excelsior Art Initiative ArtWalk & Cheers to Art | The Salad Place & Rotisserie

Oct 7, 2023 (UTC-8)
The Salad Place & Rotisserie


Experience the vibrant creativity of the Excelsior Art Initiative Artists during the exhilarating Excelsior Art Initiative ArtWalk! Immerse yourself in an inspiring afternoon as you tour eleven partnering businesses and witness captivating installations. These talented artists have received a stipend to create custom storefront installations that showcase the boundless creativity of this energetic neighborhood. The ArtWalk will take place from 3-5pm, and the map and starting location will be provided to all RSVP'd attendees. Participating Artists & Businesses include Jane Trieu at The Salad Place & Rotisserie, Anna Raquel at Billiard Palacade, Eli The Man at Dark Horse Inn, Vita Santa Cruz at El Corazon Gallery, Anna Mathai at Beija Flor, Ciriaco Sayoc at Cumaica, May Do at The Check-In, Bee Betwee at Open Door Legal, Griselda Tijero at Bottoms Up, Ahja Henry at Osbelia Hair Salon, and Nathaniel J. Bice at Tala Wine. Join us for a Community Celebration & Cheers to Art at Tala Wine from 5-7pm, featuring live art by Elena Lengardt & Paul Madonna, accompanied by delicious refreshments and bites. Become an ArtLover Member to receive VIP treatment and exclusive perks throughout the event. By signing up as a member, you support ArtSpan's artist-supporting programs, as the annual membership fees are reinvested directly into these initiatives. Please note that Tala Wine is a 21+ establishment. This event is brought to you in partnership with Tala Wine, Excelsior Action Group, and all participating businesses. Elena Lengardt, an artist known for her fusion of philosophy, psychology, and aesthetics, will be showcasing her abstract and dynamic pieces. Paul Madonna, an award-winning artist and best-selling author, will also be present with his captivating artwork. Excelsior Art Initiative uses art to engage the community and partners with local artists and small businesses in the Excelsior neighborhood of San Francisco to transform venues creatively. These vibrant art installations redesign the street-facing windows, parklets, and walls of art-supporting businesses, uplifting the community and shining a spotlight on the neighborhood's diverse creativity. We are excited to return in 2023 with even more public events in collaboration with Excelsior Action Group and the Jerry Nite, as part of a neighborhood-wide celebration on August 5. The art installations for EAI 2023 will be on display from August 5 until November 2023. ArtSpan is devoted to fostering a vibrant and accessible art community in San Francisco, promoting the city's unique creative energy locally and globally. Join us in celebrating the extraordinary talents of local artists and the transformative power of art.

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