Intuitive abstract art workshop | London

Intuitive abstract art workshop | London

Dec 9, 2023 (UTC+0)


Experience the transformative Intuitive Abstract Art Workshop in London, UK. Immerse yourself in a non-judgmental atmosphere surrounded by like-minded individuals, where heart-to-heart chats and expression through color and shape are encouraged. Join this immersive event on December 9th, 2023, at the confirmed venue in London, located at 177 Fordwych Road, NW2 3NG. Designed to help individuals tap into their creativity and connect with their inner selves, this workshop provides a safe and supportive environment for both beginners and experienced artists. Explore your artistic journey and express your emotions through abstract art. This workshop promises to be an enriching experience, enabling you to discover new ways of self-expression. Don't miss this opportunity to connect with yourself and others through the power of art. Secure your spot today at the Intuitive Abstract Art Workshop in London, UK. Tickets are available for the affordable price of £12.62.

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