MEMBRANES // Art-Science Symposium SUNDAY 31st of March | Hypha Stratford

MEMBRANES // Art-Science Symposium SUNDAY 31st of March | Hypha Stratford

Mar 31, 2024 (UTC+0)
Hypha Stratford


Experience a unique exploration of the interplay between art and science at the MEMBRANES // Art-Science Symposium on Sunday, March 31st, 2024 at Hypha Studio in London. This symposium will feature a diverse range of events, workshops, talks, and performances centered around the MEMBRANES exhibition. Artists showcasing their work will delve into the intricate connections between people, places, and entities in this thought-provoking exhibition. On the final day of the symposium, attendees can engage in self-guided tours complemented by immersive audio experiences and enjoy complimentary hot beverages. The day will continue with a hands-on Phantom-making workshop where participants can explore body casting techniques. Later, don't miss the captivating '(Bio) Resonance (Syn)thesis' performance by Gus Robins (Guski) and Wanbo Li (Ember), offering a sensory journey into the fusion of bio-sonification and VJ interpretation using Cymatics. Throughout the week leading up to the symposium, Hypha Studios will host a series of activities, talks, and workshops featuring experts in the field of art and science. Join us at 50 Celebration Avenue, London E20 1DB, UK for this enriching in-person event. Tickets range from £0 to £27.80.

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