Robert Chandler on Andrei Platonov's 'Chevengur' | St Benet's Chapel QMUL

Robert Chandler on Andrei Platonov's 'Chevengur' | St Benet's Chapel QMUL

Mar 18, 2024 (UTC+0)
St Benet's Chapel QMUL


Join Robert Chandler for the launch of his new translation of Andrei Platonov’s 'Chevengur' at the St Benet's Chapel QMUL in London on March 18, 2024. This event offers a unique opportunity to explore Platonov's groundbreaking novel, known for its exploration of revolutionary ardor and despair. Chandler, a leading literary translator, will discuss the significance of 'Chevengur' alongside Maria Chehonadskih (QMUL), who worked as a consultant on the translation. Set in the mythical Russian town of Chevengur, the novel delves into a world where communism is believed to have triumphed, yet the revolution remains elusive. 'Chevengur' is a profoundly sorrowful and multilayered work, characterized by its comic, ironic, and grotesque elements, ultimately defying simplistic interpretation. Chandler's translations have often challenged the political implications of the Russian literary canon, focusing on marginalized and oppositional figures. He has actively condemned Russia's 2022 invasion of Ukraine, appearing on anti-war platforms with Ukrainian authors, lending his support to Ukraine, and amplifying Russian anti-war publications through high-profile reviews. Chandler's commitment to engaging the public with the ethical implications of his translations has set an example for the wider field of Eurasian studies. This event promises an evening of intellectual stimulation and cultural exploration. After an introduction at 6:00 PM, Maria Chehonadskih will chair a discussion at 6:05 PM, followed by a drinks reception where attendees can meet the speaker at 7:10 PM. Don't miss this opportunity to gain insights into the work of Andrei Platonov and the art of literary translation. Admission is free.

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