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Shouyiju Guesthouse

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No. 8, 3rd Alley, Quanshui Road, Qingcheng Renjia, Qingchengshan Town

13.65km from downtown, approx. 25min by car

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Shouyiju Guesthouse Hotel Exterior
Shouyiju Guesthouse Hotel Exterior
Shouyiju Guesthouse Rooms
Shouyiju Guesthouse Rooms
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107 Reviews
No. 8, 3rd Alley, Quanshui Road, Qingcheng Renjia, Qingchengshan Town, Dujiangyan, Sichuan, China
4.2km from Qingchengshan Railway Station
"Because I am too lazy, I have never liked evaluation, but this time the experience of the homestay is very good and must be seriously praised! It was the first time I met the ideal homestay in my heart! The exterior is decorated in a very tall Chinese style. The tatami standard room that my best friend and I live in is tastefully furnished and very clean. I have always had high requirements for the cleanliness of the hotel, so I am very satisfied with this. Many details are done very well, such as the toothbrushes used are of very good quality, and they are also very intimately equipped with small makeup mirrors that can be used by girls. The breakfast is rich, there is a free parking lot not far away, the boss is very nice and took us to park. All in all, the price/performance ratio is really too high, and it feels more comfortable than the four or five hundred hotel I lived in Qingcheng Mountain before. I plan to bring my parents over to live here next time. When I leave, I forgot to ask the boss if he has a three-person bed?"
"I booked this store based on my fate, and first said that the boss’s service is really not too attentive, and the boss’s wife is gentle and generous. Cough. Seriously, it feels like entering the door, wow, atmosphere. The price is too good. The antique decoration is very suitable for taking pictures in period costumes. There is a feeling of being far away from the hustle and bustle when entering, which is very calming. It is very close to Qingcheng Mountain. The scenery along the way is also gentle and gentle. The writing is not very good, anyway, it’s just like"
"The environment is very good, the room is clean and tidy, the facilities are complete, the store is very warm, the service is very thoughtful, and I have a great time with my friends in Qingcheng Mountain."