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4.2/5Very Good141 Reviews
0.15km from Freebird Bar & Grill
This is one of the best hotels I have stayed in. The hotel is in an excellent location, with both walking and driving access to all main attractions. The staff were friendly and helpful throughout our whole stay. The hotel is beautiful and well kept, our room smelt like a spa the whole time. The spa is of good value and the roof pool is a wonderful place to relax. I cannot recommend enough.
4.4/5Excellent22 Reviews
0.26km from Freebird Bar & Grill
A delightful hotel, which retains its old world charm, whilst offering a high level of modern comforts. It’s within walking distance of all the main attractions and restaurants, but was peaceful, safe and had the added bonus of being set amongst a lush, tropical garden with a choice of pools. A lovely place to wind down in after a days sightseeing.
4.4/5Excellent8 Reviews
0.28km from Freebird Bar & Grill
The hotel has a great location, a short tuk tuk ride from most attractions. As the name suggests, it consists of 2 parts: Penh House is a modern block with a beautiful pool and a restaurant on 7th floor and the Jungle Addition is located on a street behind the main hotel and is styled as a sort of a jungle villa which is very atmospheric. The Jungle Addition also has a pool but I think the rooftop was better. You can also have breakfast in both parts of the hotel, Jungle Addition breakfast is a la carte (but very plentiful) and the rooftop has a buffet breakfast, both are really good. The room in the Jungle Addition was very spacious with a huge 4 poster bed. The bed was spectacular and one of the best beds I have ever slept in. The bathroom was lovely and had all the mod cons and beautiful cosmetics. Everything was finished to a very high standard and I honestly can't find any faults with the hotel. I'd go back there in a heartbeat!
4.7/5Outstanding49 Reviews
0.34km from Freebird Bar & Grill
Stayed in this hotel because the original hotel Ctrip agent didn't deal with it and switched to this hotel free of charge. I felt very surprised to be here. 1. A Chinese manager in the hotel is very enthusiastic, with welcome drinks and fruit. 2. The security of the hotel is very good. If a friend arrives at the hotel and needs to enter the room, a registration certificate is required. 3. I found that the sound insulation effect was not very good in the morning, because it was noisy when I came back after drinking at night. 4. May arrive late, the room type is not too unsatisfactory, the space is large but the beds are relatively small. Considering that I only rushed out for one night, I was too anxious to go out and toss and didn't propose a room change. I went back and looked carefully at night to find that the toilet was originally narrow The bread for this breakfast is very good. The baguettes are rich in wheat flavor with butter and pineapple sauce. The other set breakfasts are not very good.
4.4/5Excellent202 Reviews
0.37km from Freebird Bar & Grill
The room we stayed in was good.The only thing which is not mention on a website is that there is no room with a tub AND the balcony, so you need to choose between them. Breakfasts r pretty good there is a choice in variety of dishes, so everyone can find smth for himself) It's true that the pool is closing early, dk why, but the pool itself is clean, and as far as I understood, they do the water disinfection every evening ( maybe that's why it closes early). The sky bar is good (u can see the roof of the bar from the far distance, so u won't get lost in the city while coming back to hotel😂), but it's EXTREMELY expansive! Comparing with other bars it's gonna be like double/triple priced...But when u go for vacation, you probably ready to spent some money, so that's not a big deal) The location is great!All the stuff were nice and friendly so we really enjoyed our staying there.
4.1/5Very Good3 Reviews
0.39km from Freebird Bar & Grill
Hello friends! I highly recommend it here. I booked (totally last minute) a room for 2 nights and they received me immediately and put me in a super clean and well designed room at $50 CAD. I tutor english online and needed to work while away - there are 3 wifi channels to pick from and all were solid not a single dropped meeting. there is a fridge and kettle in the room and after one night I decided I liked it so much that I would extend my stay for 2 more nights there ...again totally last minute. They accommodated my request but moved me and put me in "room 12" which was clearly the more budget room for last minute bookings but it was still tidy and still provided me with great wifi, a fridge and a kettle and a little terrace to boot. The front desk guys were always friendly and smiling even on my last day when I must have seemed like a crazy lady running behind for my bus , cursing under my breath that my card wouldn't work and having to hold my stuff while I found an ATM. they serve breaky on the cheap there too from 7-11 am but I didn't get to check the quality as there is a tasty cafe around the corner that I enjoyed a lot. there is also a wee little market for drinks or fruit outside the door. and it's a 15 minute walk to many attractions and other restaurants I walked nearly everywhere from here and would just grab a tuk tuk home. And in the wake of all this crazy stuff at the borders I wrote them last minute to send me email confirmation of my receipts to prove that I never travelled outside of Phnom Penh (possibly the only way to get home to Saigon) and they sent me an email copy right away. so helpful! What may be a downside for some people: it's not a super soft bed, but i've been in asia a while and this is the norm for most places (it's safe and it's clean..this is my only requirement of a space now). There are no views really other than the alley (however I love an alley view...seriously) and in the upstairs room you need to contend with a metal roof that houses some pigeons haha. all of that being said those are NOT big deals guys. They are super friendly, I felt like I was safe and my things were safe when I was out of the room and it was clean. someone cleaned the room every day. Hope this helps you out and drums up some business for the kind folks at Prantara :)
4.3/5Excellent186 Reviews
0.4km from Freebird Bar & Grill
We have stayed in this lovely hotel on a quiet street nearby Wat Botum (a temple complex) and we simply love it. The staff are friendly and the facilities are really wonderful, particularly for a family with busy kids like ours. Breakfast is simple but just right and we really enjoyed the fresh passion fruit juice. Internet speed in our room was faster than at home in Shanghai - so this was refreshing. Easy walking distance from 240 street with some nice restaurants, shops and spa facilities. Will come back!
4.4/5Excellent375 Reviews
0.43km from Freebird Bar & Grill
Good boutique hotel with clean room and modern decorations, in a good location, people works there is nice, specially the guys out there for the taxi and tuk tuk, they helped you to translate and others, only thing is the lighting inside bath room is way too dark, can hardly see things clear, with all dark grey stones and deco,,
4.6/5Outstanding83 Reviews
0.45km from Freebird Bar & Grill
We have just stayed here 2.5 months, so let's just say we know the place and they know us... It's hard to imagine this hotel is located bang in the middle of the busy part of Phnom Penh. As you walk in, you just feel far away from it all. Love the combination of colonial chic with contemporary tropical design. It's actually big but feels intimate and cosy. The beds are super comfy and the rooms surprisingly quiet. Noise polution is a big problem in SE Asia, so being able to sleep without the sound of a temple, a karooke next door, loud motorbikes is a real luxury. The breakfast staff is so welcoming and personable, which is even more important when you stay this long. They knew exactly what we wanted, and how we wanted it. Always with a big smile and kind energy. The new GM Guillaume, the F&B manager Dari, the sales manager Laura are all super cool and professional. What a team! Our favourite part... the POOL. 13 shaded cabanas, palm trees, a super big pool with natural stones, it really felt like we were in Bali or some other paradise. One cabana has a table (read desk) and plug points, so this became my office. I know, tough life... I totally, genuinely recommend this hotel. We stayed in room 4001, with direct access to the pool. Pure bliss! The hotel organizes plenty of social events, with nice live music and entertainment. Love it!
4.1/5Very Good10 Reviews
0.46km from Freebird Bar & Grill
For the price I (we) paid I am + satisfied with the facilities, the services, the location and the team. Air condition in good working, room spacious and clean, Breakfast good quality. The location is right in the heart of the city - this is well written on their profile, this wasn't problem for me. I like the professionalism the team is providing each day during my stay. The effort they give to reach the customer satisfaction is amazing and I am fascinated about their commitment. I took opportunity to read some of negativity feedback and I found the review immature. There are people wants to get a luxury service for 20-25 dollars/ night; seriously! We need to get real and if you want to be a queen; I suggest people do make their booking in a 10 stars hotel. The language = For the English speaker, you chose to travel to a country where English/ french are not their first language. At least they are smart enough to communicate and you should appreciate. Their business is a hotel, therefore, I don't think so it is smart to blame your flight / +7 hours disaster trip. Finally, even in a 5 ***** hotel , they don't let you go into your room without having your pre-paid credit card, passport check or cash payment; so again I feel the comment is childish. For the price you are paying, not having a valet to take your luggage into your room shouldn't be seen as drama. I really praise this hotel will get an award of their commitment in aim to please their current and future customers. Thanks Olga
3.8/521 Reviews
0.46km from Freebird Bar & Grill
An 'ecological' hotel, emphasizing tea-drinking and recycling. Located centrally, very clean, large and spacious and pleasant to stay in. Large room, well-ordered and clean. Swimming pool, good breakfast, spa (which I didn't use) and bar (ditto). My only grumble is with the front desk - maybe this is generic to Cambodia, but I had a couple of small queries which were just shrugged off. One was wanting to borrow a pencil sharpener, and the other was wanting to go on a tour to the killing fields, when I was advised to book one online through Tripadvisor. OK fine, but not what one expects from a four-star hotel. Staff otherwise were extremely friendly in the Cambodian style.
3/55 Reviews
0.48km from Freebird Bar & Grill
Cheap hotel in a great location. Everywhere is walkable. The room was exceptionally large and beds comfortable. We had two toilets! The room was slightly odd in that it has huge windows all around so it felt like you were in a museum! However the curtains were very effective. The room was very quiet. The guy at reception was lovely. We did the killing fields and s21 tour with them and it all ran smoothly. It’s probably easy to do yourself however. The laundry service was best smelling I have received in se Asia so far! The breakfast was basic but tasty You pay for what you get for but it certainly delivered.

Hotels Near Freebird Bar & Grill In Phnom Penh Review

4.3/51877 Reviews
Chamkar Morn
Me and my friend stayed in The Bridge Club hotel from 12th of March until 16th March. The hotel room is really nice. it's clean, it has a beautiful view of Phnom Penh. Beds are comfortable. It has many basic amenities such as TV, water dispenser, fridge. Overall great. The only thing that is not good in this hotel is the STAFF! Not good is a very gentle word for how these people behave. I have been travelling for the last 6 years and I never saw such rude and disinterested staff!!! I arrived at the hotel around 2:30 pm. I approach a front desk and present my self and gave my passport. The receptionst told me straight away that my room is NOT READY and that I should wait HALF more hour. When I said that I have no intention to wait 30 more minutes because I'm tired from a long journey. She reluctantly told me that she will find me a room and gave me my passport back. I don't understand why do I need to go through this since check-in is from 2:00 o'clock and check-out is at 11 am.   After that, I went to the next building where are the rooms. Before going to the elevator, I stopped and ask the security guy or some kind of receptionist, I'm not sure. Where can I buy a sim card? At that time the receptionist was PLAYING HIS VIDEO GAME ON THE PHONE! Of course without the headphones so everyone can hear how he shoots. Without saying good afternoon or pausing his game while he is talking with the guest. Nothing, he just said TRY IN THE SHOPPING MALL. Thank God there is a STARBUCKS nearby so they gave me all the necessary information.  Third, last night me and my friend split up. I gave him a key and we agreed that when I come to the hotel I knock on the door and waking up. The problem is that there are one more door that are on the 19th floor. I came to the security guard and ask him, Sir can you help me please? My roommate and I split and now I would like to go upstairs. Without allowing to finish what I want to say he told me: NO ACCOMPANY IN THE ROOM! Keep in mind that I was alone, there were no girls around me. When did I ask him to bring someone who speaks English? He said that he knows English. I said okay and explain to him one more time! To my surprise he understood. We went to my hotel room. I knock on the door couple of times my friend didn't open I didn't want to disturb other guests, so I said I will go downstairs and ask another friend to call him on WeChat. As I was walking to the elevator my friend showed up! I said THANK YOU TO THE SECURITY GUY and turn around. After that security guy asks me to give him 1 dollar because he came all the way here to help me??? I couldn't argue and I just gave him 1 dollar. It's not about one dollar. That day I tipped Chinese hairdresser with 5 dollars because she gave me a great haircut, but this that you tell the guest "give me one dollar I helped you". For me, that's unheard off. (time around 2:35 am) EVERYTHING I WROTE DOWN ANY MANAGER CAN CHECK THROUGH SECURITY CAMERAS! if anyone decides to visit this hotel my recommendation if you need some additional information about where to go/buy a sim card etc? Definitely go to Starbucks. Try to check in around 3 or 4 pm so your room will be ready. Finally, when someone tells NO ACCOMPANY even when you asked him something completely different leave him a tip. Welcome to The Bridge Club Hotel
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4.4/5202 Reviews
Sangkat Chakto Mukh
The room we stayed in was good.The only thing which is not mention on a website is that there is no room with a tub AND the balcony, so you need to choose between them. Breakfasts r pretty good there is a choice in variety of dishes, so everyone can find smth for himself) It's true that the pool is closing early, dk why, but the pool itself is clean, and as far as I understood, they do the water disinfection every evening ( maybe that's why it closes early). The sky bar is good (u can see the roof of the bar from the far distance, so u won't get lost in the city while coming back to hotel😂), but it's EXTREMELY expansive! Comparing with other bars it's gonna be like double/triple priced...But when u go for vacation, you probably ready to spent some money, so that's not a big deal) The location is great!All the stuff were nice and friendly so we really enjoyed our staying there.
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4.6/5590 Reviews
Chamkar Morn
The hotel location and concept is great, unfortunately the reality is a bit different. We checked in and everything was fine, the room is fine, not as clean as expected with ants and some hairs lying around but we’ve seen worse. The worst was actually the low quality behaviour of the other guests in the hotel. Bringing in their ‘lady friends’, being drunk in the corridors and shouting with smoking also going on. Breakfast was nice and we sat outside to enjoy the building of the City skyline. The swimming pool again would have been nice if it wasn’t full of badly behaved and rude people.
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4.5/5287 Reviews
Chamkar Morn
Hotel is good, more than 20 minutes from the airport (a little traffic jam) there is a super store on the first floor, restaurant, no problem solving meals. It ’s okay to hang out, or be careful, because we turn left when we go out of the restaurant between a roadside barbecue and selling coconuts. When we encounter a robbery, a two-wheeled locomotive roars, we ca n’t catch up If you are carrying a leather bag, remember to cover your outer clothing. Do not use a mobile phone on the road. Do not use a mobile phone. (Very important) Looking at the professional skills of the robbers, I know that I am not the first to be robbed, nor will I be the last. I hope everyone is happy to travel and return home smoothly. I also want to thank the hotel staff for the assistance I needed,
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4.6/5376 Reviews
Doun Penh
Have stayed in Lyve more than 10 days and I can stay that one of the best hotels in PP area, great onsite staff, excellent breakfast and best facility. Will definitely stay if touch down PP again. Thanks!
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4.8/573 Reviews
Sangkat Chakto Mukh
Date of stay 14-15 Dec 2019 Room 616 We highly recommend Hotel Emion! ======================== In Oct 2019, we just praised Bangkok’s Grand Centrepoint for providing a coffee dispenser for cappuccino, mocha etc, on 14/15 Dec when we stayed at Hotel Emion in Phnom Penh, it not only gave us 2 welcome chilled Lemongrass drinks, we could also help ourselves to cookies and cakes, and there was also a coffee dispenser just like Bangkok’s Grand Centrepoint except that the coffee in Phnom Penh, just like that in Vietnam, was more sourish than coffee in Singapore and Malaysia. We got a private car ride (we did not get it from Grab though) from Pochentong Airport to Hotel Emion which took us 60 mins and cost us USD8. Just walk past the airport carpark onto the main road (3-min walk), then get your transport. Upon arrival at the hotel, we were quickly welcomed and led to the comfortable lounge area when the front desk staff asked us for our passports. We sat down on the sofa while front desk staff were busy with the hotel registration. We were very early and expected not being able to check in but to our pleasant surprise, we were given Room 616. Thank you, Hotel Emion! We needed a recharge (power nap) before setting off for our sightseeing. We were very happy with the room size and its room layout especially the extra sliding door that separated the room door from the kitchen area that gave privacy. Hotel Emion provided everything except iron/ironing board which we believed would be available had we requested for them. Not many hotels provided razors but Hotel Emion did. The hotel also provided a full size fridge, double induction cooker, microwave etc. We loved the fragrance of the toiletries especially the shower gel! The bathtub and rainforest shower cum hand-held shower head area were amalgamated into a huge cubicle. Water pressure and temperature were good! Toilet cum washlet provided was the latest model with wall-mounted remote control which was very convenient to operate! This toilet bowl installation was very good but had it come with auto-lid opening plus heating systems would have even been better. Oopsy, we are a little “greedy”. Bed and pillows were extremely comfortable! Though Room 616 was on the lower floor (highest guest room floor is 17th floor), its view was not bad, could see Naga World 2. We hardly comment on TV and TV programmes in all our hotel reviews but for Hotel Emion, we feel we need to give our compliments, there were close to 100 channels, wow(albeit not Singapore channels such as Channel News Asia). Facilities on 18th floor : an infinity pool and a gym that offered breathtaking views of the Tongle Sap River and surrounding buildings. We were offered 2 drinks at Skybar. There was also a children’s playroom. The concierge and front desk staff were very attentive and polite each time we met them and the fragrance at the front desk area was equally inviting and welcoming each time we r
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