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4/5Very Good33 Reviews
0.45km from Valrhona(rue de Provence)
I had a very scary health issue while I was here and the hotel staff saved me. I cannot thank them enough. Marina and Selim were incredibly patient and helpful as I called them whilst I was fainting in my hotel room in the middle of the day. They helped communicate with A&E services and got me an ambulance. I will forever be grateful. On top of that, this hotel exceeded my expectations in every way. It's in a fantastic location, the cleanliness is the highest level, it's modern and has a 24/7 steam bath and gym. Will definitely stay here again. Thank you Hotel Monsieur & Spa.
2.5/531 Reviews
0.46km from Valrhona(rue de Provence)
A gem of a hotel and ideal for a family getaway. Lots of food, shopping options nearby and walking distance to many of the tourist sites of Paris. The staff are tremendous and made our stay special and truly memorable. They treated us like we were the only ones there. The mushroom omelet is a true revelation that you have to try and the Madeleine are yummy and addictive. I had a business trip in Paris and brought the wife and our two children with us. The connecting family rooms were the perfect set up. We highly recommend and this is the perfect base for a Paris adventure for the whole family. We want to go back already!
3/531 Reviews
0.55km from Valrhona(rue de Provence)
The staff are very polite, still professional, just for safety reasons, every time you go out, you have to hand over the door keys. There is a French chain bakery at the corner of the hotel. It is very convenient to eat breakfast. The opposite is the French supermarket chain. It is very convenient to buy things. A few steps away is the Madeleine Church and Place de la Concorde. Going in the other direction is the Elysee Palace and the Champs Elysées. Don't want to go, or go to a distant place, the subway station of St. Augustine Station on Line 9 is on the edge, and the hotel location is quiet.
4.6/5Outstanding33 Reviews
0.32km from Valrhona(rue de Provence)
We stayed three nights first in Superior room then booked a three nights package via its website for the duplex room towards end of our trip. When we stayed at the Superior room, as the rooms are all very densely located next to each other, every night, it’s hard not to be able to hear the strong rhythm of neighbouring room’s evening activities. I recommend the Duplex room if budge allows as it’s much quieter, and of course much nicer too. Breakfast was quite basic and simple that we wished there was more variety. We didn’t bring swimsuit along so never get to try the sauna or jacuzzi...I won’t call it a pool as it’s too small to do proper swim. If you book this hotel, don’t forget to pack swimsuit. In general, the hotel is cute and lovely with convenient location. The staff was very helpful esp. Nicholas!
2.2/535 Reviews
0.63km from Valrhona(rue de Provence)
We stayed for 2 nights, on arrival staff weren’t welcoming at all and didn’t come across as if they cared even a manager avoided eye contact when we saw her. The first room allocated had a significant maintenance issue so we went down to reception and instead of offering a room move straight away, the girl suggested to send someone to fix it, not a good idea after arriving from a long trip. Not a great first impression and zero follow up from the management. The second room was very small, the bedside tables were tiny like from a dolls house. No shower gel provided only shampoo. The space between the bed and desk was so small that it would prevent an easy scape in case of fire! Room Service menu was very limited no burger or Club sandwich available, very strange. A/C didn’t work properly and room was unbearably hot. The worst part of the stay was the breakfast. Impersonal service, self service from a dark room including powder coffee, processed cheeses, rusted coffee pot, cheapest frozen croissants and pastries (in Paris?), fruit bowl containing 6 limes and lemons. Overall the breakfast was very poor, no attention to detail, run by disengaged agency staff who were more interested in chatting amongst themselves than serving paying customers. I raised my concerns with the same girl who checked us in and she couldn’t care less. Hilton “Make it right” principle not in practice. This hotel is very dark, the busy furniture and lack of A/C made it worse. Concierge staff saw us passing by many times and were just looking at their screens rather that acknowledging our presence. It appears many people staying there were redeeming Hilton loyalty points, if you pay full price you would be very disappointed.
4.6/5Outstanding61 Reviews
0.29km from Valrhona(rue de Provence)
The most satisfactory one of the three hotels this time. Arrived at 12 o’clock. The room was arranged in advance. The hardware facilities are great. They have everything, such as a kettle, a hairdryer, a magnifying mirror, a heated towel rack, and capsules that can make four types of coffee. The coffee machine actually gave me a small open-air courtyard with a small patio. There are many mirrors in the interior of the room, and many small sofas and stools are very practical. Staff service is polite and attentive, from top to bottom, especially female staff are considerate and elegant. To stay here for shopping, my wife is convenient. It takes 5 minutes to walk to the subway entrance, 10 minutes to Paris Spring, 13 to 15 minutes to walk to Galeries Lafayette, and 10 minutes to walk to eat Chinese food (three houses next to each other). I didn't try the breakfast, but the free croissant provided by the front desk was done well. I lived here later.
4.3/5Excellent38 Reviews
0.29km from Valrhona(rue de Provence)
The hotel is on a relatively quiet side road in Paris but in a very good area within the Madeline area. Nice size rooms, mini bar, good shower and bath, plenty of hanging room for clothes and to put the travel bags away. Great buffet breakfast, a nice spa area and the whirlpool / jacuzzi/ steam room are free of charge during the day but can be reserved in the evening. We used the spa and it was a great way to relax before and or after an early dinner. The staff were really friendly and helpful. Especially the front of house / concierge. Location was really good sight seeing things within 25mins walk or 1mile to 1.5km away some closer. Lots of places to eat and drink nearby as well.
4.1/5Very Good39 Reviews
0.43km from Valrhona(rue de Provence)
The location of the hotel is not bad. It is 6-8 minutes walk from Paris Spring, about 8-10 minutes to Galeries Lafayette. There are pharmacies and supermarkets around the hotel. It is more convenient because it is 35 minutes away from Charles de Gaulle without traffic jam. We booked two rooms. The junior suite has a small living room and balcony. It is not bad. After moving the table, two boxes can be opened. The other common room is very small, but it seems that common rooms in downtown hotels are all the same small, and the large suitcase is difficult to open. The overall hygiene and service attitude are good, but there is always no one at the front desk to answer the phone, no one answers at night and no one answers in the morning, I feel that the front desk is too busy for one person. The breakfast was so-so, I remember that it had to add two or three hundred yuan to include breakfast, so if you have time, it is better to have breakfast in the coffee shop around the hotel. There are Starbucks and other local coffee shops selling breakfast in a 35-minute walk. If time is limited Of course, it is faster to eat in the hotel. I haven’t asked about the extra bed. The key is that there is no room for an extra bed in a normal room... The small suite can only add a bed if the sofa is removed, or it’s okay to have a little space without luggage. Overall it is more recommended, worth a four-star hotel, but we set a small expensive peak period. Usually it seems that the small suite is only more than a thousand nights.
4.7/5Outstanding31 Reviews
0.41km from Valrhona(rue de Provence)
We stayed 2 nights in this hotel at the end of April and had a fabulous time. From check in everything was perfect. Staff were lovely, everything was very efficient. Room was ready on arrival. We had a duplex room for 4 adults, which was perfect. It had everything we needed and was spotlessly clean. Rooms have air conditioning. Location of hotel was perfect and plenty of metro stops nearby to travel further afield. Will definitely stay again.
5/5Perfect33 Reviews
0.31km from Valrhona(rue de Provence)
Access It was a hotel I booked through a travel company, but it was close to the station (San Lazar station) where the high-speed rail to Metro and Versailles arrives and booked separately. The meeting place (department store called Gallery Lafayette) was also within walking distance and was a very convenient location. [Movement between airports and hotels] From Charles de Gaulle Airport to Opera de Gaulle, use the Loisie bus (11 euros), and the shuttle bus (18 euros) to the hotel on the return I arranged it. From the Loisie bus stop to the hotel, you have to walk about 10 minutes, so the return trip when the luggage became heavy was correct using the shuttle bus. [Room] It was a clean and easy to use room. It was not narrower than I imagined, and I was able to spread the suitcase for two people who stayed. The dryer with the wall fixing becomes hot, so I will bring the dryer next time I stay. [Service] Everyone was kind. Due to the delay in flight, the check-in day was the next 々 day scheduled, but I was able to prepare the room smoothly without the disgusting face 1. I was tired, so I was very helpful. Especially the hotel owner is very kind. French English Japanese Please explain it, but the language is mixed and this is confused, so if you have unknown points, you can speak the language you can speak. I recommend that you check again (of course, English is preferred than Japanese). It was a hotel that was sufficiently satisfactory at this price. I would like to use it when I stay in Paris again.
4.7/5Outstanding36 Reviews
0.36km from Valrhona(rue de Provence)
We just stayed two nights at Hotel Alfred Sommier from Friday April 29th to May 1st, 2022. We had very high expectations seeing pictures online of impressive hallways and we were hoping to get an experience of living in an amazing former residence. Before our arrival we got a message asking if we would like to request anything regarding our room. I thought that at a 5 star hotel all rooms would deliver the same experience, and that I didn’t have to make a special request, but unfortunately I was completely wrong. We were extremely disappointed when we were guided to our room, which was room #10. The room was located in a separate building than the pictures you see online. Instead of getting an experience of living in an incredible house we got the experience of staying at a regular Airbnb. The hallway was narrow, the carpet dirty and there was no light in the hall leading to the room. When you come in from the street and have to turn left to go to your room - you look to your right and you know you are missing out on a great experience, but you still have to pay the same. From my point of view Hotel Alfred Sommier can’t sell room #10-14 as a five star hotel and promise the same experience as the pictures they show online because this is not what you are experiencing. I have attached a couple of pictures of how I experience entering our room. So if you are going to Hotel Alfred Sommier, I would recommend you to avoid room #10-14.
4/5Very Good36 Reviews
0.66km from Valrhona(rue de Provence)
After 45 years of marriage, my wife and I decided to visit Paris while we still could. We booked a 17 day cruise from Miami to Barcelona, then a 9 day stay in Paris. Our travel agent organized all the sights to see and got us into Park Lane Hotel, which is located in the”older” section, a little over 1 from the Arc du Triumph. The rooms are adequate for 2 people. But their staff was amazing! Very friendly and helpful to say the least. We were suppose to leave on the 13th, but my wife tested Covid positive which meant we had to stay 10 days longer before the U.S. would allow us the fly home. The staff was able to find us rooms for the extra stay at Park Lane! Awesome. Their room rates were around 190 Euros/night. But you can check on line. They do serve a buffet breakfast which was good. And plenty of very good restaurants within walking distance. Enjoy!

Hotels Near Valrhona(Rue De Provence) In Paris Review

4.8/532 Reviews
I have just spent my 12th visit to Paris in 8 years and have stayed 11 times at this "home away from home." I love this little place. I am always made to feel welcome by Hervé and Martine, owners and by Mo, who is the night clerk. Flor Rivoli is a few minutes walk from so many Paris icons and is 20 paces from Chatelet Metro station, a key Metro/RER hub from which all of the great city locales can be reached. It is 30 paces from Rue de Rivoli, a major shopping and cultural artery that stretches about 4kms from Place de la Concorde to Place Bastille. It is always bustling and alive with traffic, pedestrians, cafés and, oh, yes, the Louvre I've said before that Flor Rivoli is a little old and, perhaps a little out of date - so am I. It is safe, secure, the rooms are clean and each has a safe, the bathrooms are a little small by North American standards - adapt. It has one of the best locations in the city.
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4.6/559 Reviews
Reasons for low ratings! 1. The hotel does not have a lobby. The entrance is very small. 2. There is a problem with the design of the bathroom. There is only one curtain without wet and dry separation. The bathroom is full of water after taking a bath. I accidentally had water in the room 3. I only booked one night at the beginning, and I did things outside at noon the next day because I could n’t check out in time. The hotel could communicate by phone at about 1 pm in advance. There is a charge for the hour. When you return to the hotel to check out, you will be charged 160 Euros when you check out at the front desk. I would like to book another day. I went to the front desk and the price was about 400 more expensive than Ctrip. I booked directly at Ctrip and then told me that the room I booked was different and I needed to change rooms. I went to the front desk again, and the staff told me that I could keep the previous room without having to carry luggage. When I was preparing to enter the elevator, a female staff member with glasses stopped the elevator door and said that I had to change to Another room! There is a comparison chart of the two rooms at the back. This is my check-in checkup for your reference! In Paris, everyone has a lot of options at this price! Service, facilities can afford this price, everyone experience it!
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3.4/540 Reviews
It was a free plan of a travel company. I went without expecting to see word of mouth, but it was very convenient with a lot of restaurants cafe supermarkets around, near the station, near the bus stop, walking distance to the opera district! The room is small but clean and the staff is friendly. I speak English. The cafe on the first floor is crowded until the morning, so you can go sightseeing and go back to the hotel and then drink again, and there is no problem with security. The bread is delicious. On the day of return, the elevator was on the way to the floor and I was troubled to drop the suitcase, and I asked the kind staff to help me. I want to stay again thank you ISSAM!
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4.9/534 Reviews
Stayed at Hotel Panache for a week at the end of February and had a great experience. Sophia and the reception staff are very friendly, professional and helpful. It is is a great location, within walking distance of Montmartre, Opera Garnier and the big department stores, the Louvre/Palais Royale and other popular areas, as well as very close to Grands Boulevards metro. Yes the rooms may seem small etc. by North American standards as per some other reviews, but don’t forget you are in Paris in a 19th century building and the rooms are comfortable and charming. It was an amazing base for a week of adventures around the city. Also excellent restaurants, bakeries, shops in the area everywhere you turn, and pharmacies within a 5 minute walk where you can have your vaccine certificate converted into a passe sanitaire (on the corner of rues Cadet and La Fayette). We will definitely return, à la prochaine!
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4.5/57 Reviews
Absolutely terrible place. This is not a hotel it is apartments. The night before I was due to book into the room they contacted me at 10.30pm telling me that there had been a mix up with my room and I now was not staying in the Concorde executive suite I was now staying in the Eiffel room. Which a room downsized from what I had booked 3 weeks before. I replied to them I wanted a full refund because that was not what I booked 3 weeks ago. They replied that it was not there thought it was a new person had double booked the room. I contacted and explained what the hotel had done and they contacted the manager. 2 hours later they finally contacted me and said I could have the room that I had booked. This was not a good start… when I arrived in Paris the following day it was really hard to find the hotel which is apartments and the code I had been given was the wrong code so I had to stand outside for 2 hours due to they don’t answer the phone. When I finally get access the place looked nothing like the pictures. It was dark dirty and horrible. I was told I could not book in yet but could leave my cases and come back at 3pm. I was given a phone by the cleaner who was dealing with me and it was the manager he asked who I was and laughed on the phone and said the room I had booked someone else had checked in it already. I really did not find this funnny as he did. When I came back at 3pm the owner was sitting in the reception and he was extremely flash and rude. He showed us to the suite which by the way was not a suite it was a small dark room and nothing like the pictures. There was marks on the walls and the door was damaged. When I said I don’t want to stay here and can I have my money back . He said go and stay in the four seasons and there was no way I was getting my money back ever…. And then see me out in the street . Do £1100 down and having to find another hotel. Disgusting….. DO NOT stay at this place …. Also homeless people begging outside
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3.4/538 Reviews
The location is very good, the travel is very convenient, the front desk service is very good, there are restaurants, supermarkets, and a KFC, close to the M12 line convention subway station.
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3.7/533 Reviews
Enjoyed 5 nights in this wonderfully located Paris hotel on a quiet street. The room was small and could use more storage space for clothing. Front desk staff were always helpful and spoke English .. merci! Breakfast was very good with an assortment of hot and cold items . Rooms, hallways and reception were all clean appeared refurbished.
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4/530 Reviews
I stayed at this hotel during my first trip to Paris in the 1990s. I continued to stay there every year until 2005, when I stopped traveling to Europe for a few years. In 2018 I returned to Paris and Hotel Emile under its new ownership. They had really done a lot to spruce up the hotel even before COVID 19. My husband and I love this hotel because of its great location. The metro is just across the street. There is a great cafe downstairs on the corner and a grocery store, pastry shop, boulangerie, fromagerie, librarie, etc. all within less than a 10 min walk. It is on the edge of the Marais, the best place in Paris for night time wanderings, in my opinion. And best of all, the hotel is clean and the staff is extremely friendly and helpful. There is a real warmth and family feeling at the hotel. I wouldn't change Hotel Emile for the Hotel Charles V!
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3.6/537 Reviews
Hotel location is very good, very close to the train station, travel is very convenient, the boss is super good, we started living for five days, then came back to Paris from Frankfurt for another three days, washing clothes every day in the summer, the room is clean and tidy, the boss is The second stay also offered a discount on the room rate and breakfast. It was a very good person. I hope to go to Paris next time to stay at this hotel! Recommend everyone to stay! Thank you
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5/531 Reviews
The L'Avre is a charming, out-of-the-way hotel that is nonetheless tremendously convenient by virtue of its proximity to the La Motte Picquet Grenelle metro station, the junction for three metro lines. The station is a one-minute walk away. So much about this place says "old Paris" in a way that adds to its allure--the cushy furniture and bric-a-brac in the lobby, the narrow elevator, the French doors in our room, the patterned wallpaper. Even so the beds were comfortable, the bathroom thoroughly up-to-date and the staff super-friendly and helpful. And the walled garden is just the place to pass some quiet time with a cup of coffee or tea. The hotel provides a breakfast, as well, for an extra fee, though we were always too busy to take advantage of it. Our only regret was that we weren't spending more time in Paris so we could enjoy the Hotel de l"Avre even more.
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4.8/531 Reviews
I had a great stay at the newly renovated Intercontinental Paris Champs-Elysees Etoile. I was impressed as soon as I stepped into the magnificent lobby. This is an ideal hotel for either business trips or traveling for pleasure. Aside from the excellent amenities, it’s perfectly located on the Champs-Elysees. The bedroom is beautifully decorated. The bed is amazingly comfortable. I love the attention to detail, such as the Nespresso leather cover top and the Dyson dryer. Breakfast was delicious. I especially enjoyed the scrambled eggs, sausages, pineapple carpaccio and pastries. It gave me the perfect start to my busy day. Best of all, every staff member I encountered was delightful and eager to help. Thank you!
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2.6/533 Reviews
The pros of this hotel are as follows: The reception staff speak English, and are very friendly and helpful. The woman at reception printed my Disneyland Tickets which was a real life saver. The location is good. Its a 10 minute walk from the Denfert-Rouchereau station, which can get you to Disneyland, and connects straight to CDG Airport. It was sunny when we went, so we walked most places. It's a 10 minute walk to the catacombs, and within an hour walk to the eiffel tower, notre dam, and the louvre. The room has everything you need, having a double bed, a single bed, a TV, a desk, 2 bedside tables, a kettle and a hairdryer. And the housekeeping comes to tidy up daily. On the other hand: The rooms look pretty dated, but they're not too bad. But the walls are pretty thin, so if anyone makes a noise in the hotel, you're going to hear it. Breakfast is €10 per person per day, and although we didn't have it, judging by the reviews it's the usual cereals, croissants, etc. So you're probably best going to one of the many local cafes for breakfast. The reception isn't always manned, which is a problem if you need anything outside the working hours. It's open in the morning, closes for a few hours in the afternoon, and then opens again 4:30-9:30. We got a triple room (1 double and 1 single bed) for €80 a night, which is a decent price for the location. But anywhere else a hotel like this would be worth nowhere near as much, so it's slightly over priced. Usually I'd give this a 4*, but in the morning after spending our first night here, after taking a shower, a sewage type smell started coming out of the bathroom. It was disgusting, and so bad we had to leave our room. Luckily we were on our way out anyway. We told reception about this on our way out in the morning, and it was fixed by the time we came back in the night, but it did ruin the stay a little.
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4.3/530 Reviews
Very good location, unique design
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4.1/566 Reviews
Third stay in this hotel and I am still seduced by their services. I had chosen it at the very beginning for its ideal location close to the metro station - RER Charles de Gaulle Étoile and for its competitive prices. Since my first stay, it has become my reference hotel in Paris that I recommend to everyone around me. The welcome is at the height of a 4-star hotel: discretion, respect, sympathy and always personalized. Thanks to Driss, Zaid, and all the staff we had the chance to meet. They have contributed to making our stays beautiful Parisian experiences thanks to their welcome, their advice and their kindness during each of our stays. The rooms are certainly dated but they are clean and comfortable. The bedding is excellent, the volumes of the rooms are generous, the bathrooms are always clean. During our previous stays, we tested the rooms on the courtyard side (the 207 and 407 are perfectly quiet) then the 403 which overlooks Avenue Victor Hugo and which has a balcony offering a view of the Arc de Triomphe. Each of these rooms was immaculate. The equipment was perfectly adapted to our needs: free wifi, television, coffee and tea available in the room with the kettle and cups, assortment of essential products in the bathroom, mini-fridge. Everything was clean and functional. And above all, special mention for the water pressure of the shower! We loved this extra comfort! Thank you to the whole team and see you soon
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4.6/552 Reviews
The location is very good, the transportation is very convenient, the door is the subway station, there is a big Carrefour next to it, it is very convenient to buy ingredients, and it is also close to Chinese restaurants. The attitude of the waiter is very friendly, the door of the apartment is closed for management, the entrance is controlled, and you need to swipe your card. Free coffee and tea are available in the lobby on the first floor. The room is not big, although the sparrow is small, it has all the internal organs, and it has a full set of kitchen facilities. There is no problem at all when you start your own business. There is also a laundry room in the public area, which is very convenient for washing clothes.
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4.8/533 Reviews
A budget 3 star hotel. It is more convenient to take the subway station for about 7 or 8 minutes. The room was small, except for the bed and luggage, there was no place to go. Breakfast is just like nothing, no surprises. The wine station is very close to Chinatown and it is convenient to eat Chinese food. There is a small memorial hall nearby, which is cheap and good, but sometimes there are many people. In short, if the requirements are not high, it is good to live.
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3.7/5106 Reviews
The biggest advantage is being able to see the Eiffel Tower at a reasonable price. Also, the staff at the desk and the cleaning lady were very friendly, and the check-out time is 12 noon, so you can prepare generously :) The room is not very clean, but it is clean. The Eiffel Tower is also very close. Breakfast has a lot of variety, so I don't recommend it.
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3.1/542 Reviews
Really nice hotel within walking distance to metro stations (Madeleine) - close to the opera house and place de la concorde. Hotel itself was clean, lovely rooms, well equipped with tea/coffee facilities and reception staff super accommodating and always more than happy to help out. We even got upgraded on arrival which was an added bonus. They were also able to store our luggage when we arrived and on check-out day which was a huge help. We didn't have breakfast so can't comment on food. A few nice restaurants and patisseries nearby but mostly high-end shops, however easy to hop on the metro. Overall great hotel and would definitely recommend to those visiting Paris.
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4.8/532 Reviews
It only takes about three to five minutes to walk from Paris Gare de Lyon to the hotel, which is very convenient. Did not have breakfast at the hotel, but there are Starbucks coffee around the hotel, there are many restaurants, and there are also many restaurants in the train station that can solve breakfast. The rooms are small and exquisite, and very quiet. Considering such a convenient location, it can be said to be very cost-effective. From Lyon Station, it is very convenient whether to take the subway to the main attractions shopping streets or to go to the suburbs of Versailles and Fontainebleau. recommend!
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4.9/532 Reviews
We stayed for three nights in this hotel. The staff was very friendly and helpful. Breakfast was good, although i missed the butter. The room was nice and clean. Bathroom was also good, but I missed a door here. So the floor got very wet after every shower. The bed was for a guy like me (1.93m) just too short, but I have this in almost every hotel. The room was a bit noisy. But still, if you want a good hotel close to the eifeltower I recommend this one. You won't be sorry.
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2.3/532 Reviews
Stayed here for 2 nights with my 9 year old son. It is a budget hotel so do no expect massive rooms or luxury ! You go to Paris to see the wonderful city not sit round a hotel room ! Staff on reception were very helpful and could not have been more helpful. The rooms are small compared to other more expensive hotels but there are adequate and clean. TV and Wi-Fi are good. There is also a good bathroom and shower. Breakfast is a continental buffet and there was a good selection of breads, cheeses, cold mets etc. The Metro station is a shirt walk away and there is a laundrette directly opposite. There is a McDonalds and other restaurants close to the Metro station. There is also a great department store just round the corner. Overall a very good stay and excellent were staff.
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4.8/535 Reviews
When I returned to Paris and lived next to the Lyon train station in Paris, I could n’t help feeling that Paris was more than just land and gold, and hotel details were well done. For example, the double-layer sound insulation glass is really impossible for the capitals of too many countries. Things, such as Beijing and Athens I just went to At the front desk, you can see the platform of the train that is about to leave and whether it is on time. The supermarket is very close downstairs. It is very close to the subway or the bus to the airport. The only downside is that you can't store your luggage for more than 12 hours unless you book the next hotel right away. Newly renovated, new equipment, small space is well utilized. All in all it's pretty good.
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4.5/531 Reviews
The hotel is in a quiet neighborhood and very unassuming. It is a 10 minute walk to the subway, though there is are a number of buses on the corner. The staff could not be more friendly, patient and accommodating. The interior design is ultra-modern, high quality and chic. The entire hotel is immaculate. We had a Queen size bed in a Standard room, as requested. The bed was The Best, as were the linens. Amenities in the room and throughout the hotel were great. The breakfast is fabulous! Waffles, eggs, sausage, ham, soppressata, fresh squeezed orange juice, delicious coffee and cappuccino, dried fruits and nuts, granola, assorted jellies and preserves, yogurt, fresh baked chocolate and plain croissants, danish, and mini apple turnovers-yum! A beautiful park is just two blocks away. If this hotel were in the heart of the city it would cost four times the price. The hotel is A LITTLE GEM.
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4.7/531 Reviews
The hotel was clean and comfortable and in a great location , walking distance from Sacre Coeur , Montmartre , Moulin Rouge. All positive. The things i didn’t like was when we were in our room there was a faint tap on door and before we even had chance to realise it was the door a man walked in to unlock the child’s bed. I feel he should of knocked harder and gave us a chance to answer before just walking in. The bar was closed for our whole stay which we weren’t notified of until we got there. Also it was hard to sleep because at 6.30 every morning there was workman making loads of noise right outside our window which I thought was too early and again we weren’t pre-warned about.
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4.7/531 Reviews
The Ibis conditions are quite good, but the surrounding environment is too bad. When we heated the food at the front desk, because of the large amount of luggage, we managed poorly. We didn’t know when someone had taken a bag and was stolen some cash. One person ran back sweating and said that he saw someone taking our bag and he was chasing it back. Then we checked that the cash was gone. But the two of us were too stupid, and thanked each other. Later, the people around me should be the thief... Then we contacted the hotel right away, the hotel expressed anger, but we finally had no right to monitor even the monitoring, who did not know who to take How to get it, can't recover it. Although there are a lot of French policemen around the market looking at the market, everyone said it was useless. . In Paris, I really want to remind all of you who have just come, pay more attention.
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5/531 Reviews
Great new hotel just few minutes walk from Gare de Lyon. Very close to the city centre and easy transport connections. Very nice breakfast. The bed was comfy, sound isolation from the street is very good, you don’t hear anything despite being on the Main Street, however you can hear everything what is happening in the next room. Will come back here when next time in Paris.
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4.2/540 Reviews
This was a pleasant stay. Very economical and worthwhile stay. The staff speak English so it was easy to engage them, and get help with local attractions. Reasonable Drink and food prices in the attached bar. It’s a fairly standard hostel, multiple bunks in my room (4). They need to do a better job with lockers, the lockers are quite small (9’ x 20’). This means you can only lock up some of your stuff. They don’t have locks, or power adapters for rent/sale, so make sure you bring your own. The lockers in our room were broken, would be nice if they were fixed.
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4.9/552 Reviews
We have had a great time. I'm sorry that time they didn't offer us an upgrade but we felt very comfortable. There are some points missing for this hotel to be the most perfect, but the breakfast still not fully realized due to the pandemic was very good (they confirmed by phone that my son was not paying for being under 12 years old but weno ... I suppose that If you don't claim like this, they don't ask you ...) telephone line hardly audible, very complicated when you don't have the room service menu (because of the covid, I understand but you have to propose a digital alternative with the telephone or another, impossible to read on television The menu The most positive point that every hotel should have is its staff, I hope to see the ones that were working the last time we came. One last thing please send me my invoice that I never received by e-mail, thank you.
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3.7/534 Reviews
Stayed here for 3 nights in a twin room. On the plus side very near to Gare Du Nord for those arriving by Eurostar. Conveniently located for cafes and restaurants towards Montmartre too. Just left out of the hotel is Riviera Brasserie which is very nuce too. On the corner of Rue de Lafayette and Magenta is a small Aldi and nearer is a small Monop convenience store that's open late. The Staff we found unfailingly helpful, filling up water bottles and providing ice. The room was clean and the shower powerful and hot. The room was cleaned every day and fresh towels given. There is shower body wash provided too. Despite my initial dismay over the airblower hairdryer in the bathroom, it was actually powerful and not too hot. Irons and ironing boards are available on request. Reading other reviews I had intended to ask for a garden view room on checkin. But I forgot after a long journey and then thought how bad can it be as I sleep with ear plugs anyway. How wrong I was, it was like trying to sleep on the M1 motorway! The aircon was actually a warm air blower no matter how far down you turned it and we were lucky to have warm weather. But the window only opened 2 inches qnd rhe noise was unbearable despite it being midweek. Luckily after a sleepless hot night I asked the very kind Receptionist Antionette if we could please move to a garden view room and despite it being very busy she found us one. The difference was huge! We could open the window and no street noise at all! I did find it strange that there was no kettle in the room as its such a basic thing? I would stay again but only in a garden facing room and not in Summer, Spring heat was just about bearable!
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4/531 Reviews
After doing some research it was the price and style of this hotel chain that appeared appealing. Also the fact that it wasn’t too far from Gare du nord / Eurostar train… We arrived slightly earlier than the check-in time but the room was ready and the lovely lady on the front desk allowed us to go up and leave our bags before we left the hotel to visit the Louvre Museum a 30 minute walk away. Although the room was slightly compact also situated on the fourth floor which wasn’t really a problem, It suited our needs for a short break. We had the breakfast buffet the following morning which was nicely laid out in the basement of the Hotel, great decor in a old cellar. Anything we needed or asked they were helpful on reception, we would definitely recommend the hotel and area, lots of local bars and restaurants….. & the friendly staff… A special thank you to Lucia, djanali & souhaif
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