Top 10 Chateau Beachside Hotels

Top 10 Chateau Beachside Hotels


57 Reviews
25 Laycock St,Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
50.0km from Xilang
"The hotel is very close to the beach, and there are many delicious foods around. The hotel parking requires a separate charge, 20 dollars a night. Overall, it is very good. Although it can be seen that the hotel has been around for some years, the price also comes with a balcony The room can be said to be very cost-effective, but the quilt is a bit difficult to describe, it is a thin blanket, the outside is still woven and very hard, and it is a bit uncomfortable to sleep."
"It’s always at its best, I am a regular stay and the Mantra Legends always delivers it standard and service, the staffs are amazing and beyond, thank you and see you soon, and a Big thank you to the Best Receptionist of all times, the Beautiful lovely always smiling young lady that always there check us in, very warm and welcome "
"Everything was perfect, staff was great, specially the guy who look after cars park, location was great, pool, spa breakfast, value for money. Only problem we had, we did not get car park even there was lot of parking in car park. "
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1 Reviews
Casino Drive, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
"The room is quite spacious, just close to the road, a bit noisy, breakfast and dinner are all 🉑️ and free parking"
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94 Reviews
94 Seaworld Drive, Main Beach, Queensland, Australia
25.0km from Xilang
"Just checked out this morning, Versace everything is pretty good, but I must despise the bad forcible sales at the front desk. I booked a four-bed room on Ctrip one month in advance and paid. I arrived at the hotel around 4pm on the 12th check in .The front desk staff told me what room was still waiting to be cleaned for half an hour ..... I was surprised? (Isn't this routine often used by some low IQ hotels?) She immediately said that you would upgrade to another room? I think I often experience free upgrades when I stay in a hotel ... As a result, I checked out today and was told to add $ 100 per night? !! So I paid almost 2,000 yuan in four nights! It's really bad! !! Unexpectedly, the five-star Versace hotel also uses this trick? I have stayed for four days. It can be said that this hotel has not been fully occupied at all. Many rooms are empty. Tan He did n’t have any room for us when he arrived. Want us to upgrade?"
"The hotel is still because of some years, the facilities are not very new, but the quality is still good, after all, it is also Versace. Check-in preparation is not bad. The service is really average. It is said that the six-star has not yet lived in the four-star enthusiasm in China. The front desk is not bad, and the restaurant waiters are full of high cold wind. If you are a buffet, it is not recommended to eat Western food. The swimming pool really has to be featured as a main theme, and the photo is very good. Most worth mentioning is that the clothes are forgotten in the hotel, and they will be sent directly to the express delivery in two or three days. This speed is rare in Australia and should be given an expedited one. This is to be praised. Finally, I recommend that you go to the Gold Coast and take a hot air balloon."
"The balcony is facing the street, and I feel noisy at night when I sleep. When I wake up the next morning, I find that the balcony door has a gap of about 3 to 5 cm wide and is not tightly closed, so it will be noisy. Compared to its lagoon room, although the room is smaller, you can see the water view and the pool from the balcony, and there is no noise from the traffic on the street. Although it was ordered at a special price, it also cost more than 2,000 yuan / night, which is not cost-effective. The view from the balcony is only the street ..."
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14 Reviews
46 Surf Parade, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
"I am very satisfied with this hotel ❤️I did a few extended stays again and again 👌The location is super good! And I really like the view of the balcony. Downstairs are full of restaurants, beaches, shopping malls, supermarkets, parks... We are very happy for a few days here. The front desk service is also very kind, grateful, thank you... I will come to stay next time I have a chance🌞"
"Have stayed here a few times and is usually good value compared to other hotels in the area. Good location, parking area is small so mostly have park on the street. Beds are comfortable enough but blankets not so great. Breakfast isn't good but they usually include it with room price. The lack of maintenance of the hotel leaves it feeling a little run down for the age but overall it's acceptable accommodation."
"The location is good, just 6mins walk to tram station and 10mins walk to the shopping centre. Staffs are friendly. The room is clean and we can cook inside the room. Also, we can do laundry just outside our room, hotel provide the laundry liquid, it’s really good. I would recommend this hotel."
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11 Reviews
158 Ferny Ave, Surfers Paradise Queensland, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
"Hotel facilities are relatively complete, although the room is not large, but inside the kitchen, microwave, you can get some food yourself very convenient. The pool is also great, there are man-made beaches, and water toys can be rented. A great experience is a little distance from the beach."
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380 Reviews
9 Hamilton Avenue, Surfers paradise, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
"I stayed in a two-bedroom apartment with sea view. The floor is quite high and the view is very good. The room is large and spacious. There is a kitchen washer dryer. It is understandable that daily cleaning is not provided during the epidemic. Let’s talk about the shortcomings. The curtains are not shading. It’s dawn on the Gold Coast. It’s just after four o’clock. The house is full of light very early and I can’t sleep in. Has shortcomings"
"The location is first-rate, just two steps downstairs to the beach's swimming area (don't look at the beach is long, the swimming area is very short, you can wear a bathing suit to live here). There is a supermarket nearby, you can sell your own food and cook, and cleaning staff come to clean it every day. The key is that the dishwasher can be used, which is very convenient! !! !!"
"The location is very good, there is a tram downstairs, less than 10 minutes walk from Surfers Paradise. The room has a nice view and large space, but the interior facilities are a bit old. Overall good"
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64 Reviews
71 Sea World Drive, Main Beach, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
"Very beautiful hotel, although the swimming pool is not large, the view is very good, suitable for bringing children to vacation, I am a Platinum Member of Marriott, the hotel gave me points, and I also want to send breakfast. I told them that I have already ordered breakfast, and gave me a lot Bar beverage vouchers. Booking through Ctrip seems to have a package that can also deliver a one-day dinner buffet and afternoon tea. The hotel also upgraded me to a lagoon view room, which gave me a big impression on the Marriott Group. It ’s not convenient to go to eat. Near the Gold Coast, but the driving problem is not big, there is a Chinese seafood restaurant opposite. The things are expensive and not delicious"
"Resort on the Gold Coast Top3, the entrance hall is very imposing, and the large floor-to-ceiling windows have a good view. The privacy of the room is enough. The big TV can use chrone broadcast to connect with mobile phones to cast movies. Drinking water in the room can go outside to connect with bubble water. It is a bit inconvenient but it is not environmentally friendly and it is worth encouraging. The swimming pool is also good. Have a cocktail by the pool to enjoy the sun, wind and sunshine! The hotel is also very close to the beach. Although it is not its own private beach, but few people are far away from the main beach"
"The hotel’s epidemic prevention work is done well, and all employees wear masks. The location of the hotel is also great, there are not many people on the beach at the door, and there are shops for water sports around, fishing, diving, motor boating and other recreational activities can be reached within 5 minutes. It’s just that the TV in the ocean view room cannot be watched while lying in bed, and the TV in the spa room with a slightly larger corner can be watched while lying in bed."
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12 Reviews
2801 Gold Coast Highway, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
"Good noodle is G-Link train station"
"Close to the Gold Coast"
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13 Reviews
122 Ferny Ave, Surfers Paradise, QLD 4217, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
"Great family resort with plenty of activities for kids. Convenient location close to tram and easy to get around "
"We had a great time and the pool and spa are excellent to enjoy a relaxing holiday. Well situated."
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211 Reviews
2 Como Crescent, Southport, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
"It ’s been a long time before I came to the accommodation on the Gold Coast in Australia. I chose the right one. Must recommend the accommodation. Go downstairs to Platform 1 and take 2 stops to Chinatown in Southport ... Japanese food, Western food, Chinese restaurants, Hot pot, drug store, etc ... all the food is waiting for you ... ️ 【️Hotel Strategy】 📍Address: Meriton Suites-Southport 🚗Traffic guide: GLKS🚃Opposite the hotel. Convenient. Platforms 1, 2. In both directions. Don't make a mistake. 特色 Highlights: It ’s convenient to buy a card. Get on and off the machine at the platform and swipe it. The amount will show the card balance. ⛱Hotel environment: clean and well-appointed (see picture) suitable for families to stay in. Wide view. Beauty 消费 Per capita consumption: Big bed mini sea view room. (In fact, it is very big) can see the sea ... Cup of coffee sitting on the balcony and feel dazed 👍"
"Good location, good scenery outside the window, 3 kilometers from Surfers Paradise, trams at the door, convenient to go everywhere, there is a supermarket downstairs, you can cook in the room, complete with kitchenware, tableware, even laundry detergent, very Good hotel, the description of the hotel can be understood by scanning WeChat, because the founder of the hotel is a foreigner born in China, I think he still has plots in China, so you can use UnionPay and WeChat, it is very convenient! We also live in this brand hotel in Brisbane, the variety is very guaranteed!"
"The room was clean and tidy, the kitchen and laundry room were all readily available, and the ocean view room had a good view. Ocean Park is nearby. It is close to Warner Movie World and Water World by car. Paradise Farm can't go to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. Downstairs is the most commonly visited supermarket in Australia. Shopping and eating are very convenient! Gym with swimming pool."
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