Top 10 Dongcheng Hotels

Top 10 Dongcheng Hotels


583 Reviews
T4 Guo Mao Center, No.1 East Hong Fu Road, Dongguan, Guangdong, China
66.6km from Bao'an International Airport
15.9km from Dongguan Railway Station
750m from Hongfu Road
16.2km from Shilong Railway Station
1.2km from Qifeng Park
"This is a hotel where you want to stay again after your stay. The hotel is right next to Dongguan International Trade Center, about 10 minutes' walk from Hongfu Road Metro Station. It is very convenient whether you take the subway or take a taxi. There are many dining options around, so you don't have to worry about eating. The hotel only opened at the end of last year. The decoration style is low and luxurious, the staff is enthusiastic, and the hardware and software facilities are good. It is the type I like. The hotel’s breakfast is on the first floor, and the choice of dishes is very rich. I stayed for two days and ate every morning and ate different things. There are many types of Western-style bread and pastries. Chinese meals such as glutinous rice chicken, dim sum, raw claypot porridge, and Dongguan roast goose noodles can be eaten for breakfast. Breakfast is better than many five-star hotels. When I checked in, the little brother at the front desk strongly recommended me to go to the swimming pool, so I bought a set on Jingdong that day without a swimsuit. The special thing about the hotel swimming pool is that the side of the swimming pool is transparent, and you can see everyone's swimming in the pool standing next to it. I was the only one to get there at 8:15 in the morning. I would like to mention that the dressing room of the swimming pool is very well designed and spacious. The arrangement of lockers, dressing rooms, and shower rooms makes people feel organized. The young lady in charge of registration will always be there to ensure your safety while you are swimming. In addition, after I finished swimming, my little sister told me that the sauna room was opened for me, and the service was very attentive. Because I am a member of IHG, the hotel also sent two welcome drink coupons on the day of check-in. You can redeem coffee, juice, beer and other beverages in the lobby on the first floor. If the check-in day is not very full, you can also apply for a late check-out, many details are satisfactory. If you come to Dongguan, regardless of business trip or family trip, you may wish to consider living in Dongguan InterContinental."
"I heard that InterContinental has opened a new hotel in Dongguan, and I went to experience it specially. Since I was driving from Guangzhou, it is very convenient to navigate directly to the parking lot downstairs. This time I stayed in an executive room type and notified the hotel in advance. The hotel also specially arranged a room on the 19th floor of the highest floor with a great view, and helped to make a simple arrangement in advance. It was a pleasant surprise when I entered the room. But what surprises me most is that the hotel’s toiletries and moisturizers are actually used by Swiss perfume brand Byredo. I am very picky about toiletries. I have stayed in many international chain hotels, and I have only used the most comfortable ones. It is the French brand Diptyque, and the exclusive selection of products has also made Dongguan InterContinental's favor in my heart doubled. In addition, the design of the room also adds elements of Lingnan culture. The glass partition wall and the toilet door are all in the shape of a Cantonese arcade, which is very cordial. At the same time, the catering service is also very amazing. There is a wide variety of Chinese and Western breakfasts. I prefer to eat Turing sausage and grilled turkey here. It can be said to be a special surprise. Afternoon tea and the happy hour in the evening also continued InterContinental's control of ingredients, which is indeed admirable. It is worth mentioning that the hotel’s swimming pool uses transparent infinity glass, which is very innovative. The feeling that Dongguan InterContinental brought to me completely exceeded my expectations. It was a worthwhile trip! When you visit Dongguan in the future, InterContinental is definitely the best choice!"
"Had a happy birthday in Dongguan Intercontinental InterContinental will contact the member before check-in The person who contacted me this time is Miss Jessica I learned in advance that I was there for my birthday I directly upgraded my executive room to a suite And arranged a small birthday decoration That towel cake is really vivid The cakes are also delicious The suite is still very big Because I kept pulling the curtains, I didn’t face the scenery unexpectedly. The arranged room number 1314 is very meaningful The toilet separates wet and dry well The waiter who came to clean the next day was also very careful Fold all the clothes we scattered on the sofa Forgot to invoice when you leave I forgot to take my birthday postcard Jessica arranged a courier It's so comfortable, thank you Hope next time I come The swimming pool has a supporting dryer haha"
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1514 Reviews
Qinyuan Road, Central Area, Dongguan, Guangdong, China
49.5km from Bao'an International Airport
23.4km from Downtown
"The veteran brand is five-star. Although the hotel is a bit old, the hardware is still well maintained. The hotel customer service Stephanie was very attentive. He contacted and explained the requirements during the epidemic in advance, arranged the baby cot and the children’s toiletries, and also upgraded us to the lake view room, and gave her a thumbs up~~ After staying for one night, I decided to change from the original plan. It was postponed to three nights. Since it is a typhoon day, and the epidemic in other cities, there may be fewer people traveling, so the leisure day is very comfortable, and there will be a little more people on Saturday and Sunday, but it is still acceptable. The extra baby crib is the kind of play bed. A 2-year-old baby (90cm) is ok, but it doesn’t seem to work if it is bigger. There is a Vanke City Plaza near the hotel, which is more convenient for all kinds of dining, but the block-style mall is very inconvenient if it rains heavily. There is a Starbucks and a local convenience store just across the road from the hotel on foot. The parking lot is only open, and it is troublesome when it rains, and it takes a long way to go. Since we stopped at a nice place (next to the hotel entrance) on the first day, we stayed for three nights. Almost all meals were taken out. I was too lazy to get out and went out. Breakfast is average, with few styles, and there will be no package early if you postpone the last day. You can choose to drink morning tea in the hotel’s tea house. We ordered the KFC breakfast. There are indoor and outdoor swimming pools, which are double insurance. Parent-child swimming is still quite an important program. If it rains, at least you can hide indoors and play. The outdoor swimming pool is very beautiful. There is an infinity pool. The slides are relatively ordinary, and the lifeguards often do not close the slides, so there is very little time to actually play. There is a hot pool on one side of the indoor swimming pool. It is most suitable to bring a young baby, and it can separate children from adults. But on Saturdays and Sundays, the service is a little bit unable to keep up. There are too few chairs next to the indoor swimming pool, and there are not enough towels. You need to get one when you register at the front desk. One person is limited to one. In fact, the hotel can completely increase the supply."
"☔️It's raining, so I can only play in the hotel~ What should I do if I can't go out after agreeing to the child's water play? Give him a bathtub of water~ So~ the hotel is really important~ 🏨Songshan Lake Hyatt The hotel is not new, but the overall facilities and environment are still well maintained~ 📍Location: It doesn’t matter if driving is inconvenient 🌿Environment: Lake view room, facing the vast Songshan Lake, I feel very comfortable~ 🛁Facilities: The bathtub is really important! ! ! 💁🏼Service:👍👍👍👍👍 The day before check-in, the customer service has already telephoned to inquire about the check-in situation, whether there are children, etc., prepare the children's bathtub, children's bathrobes, children's shower gel, etc. in advance~ At the scene, the children’s bathtub battle was over, and the entire bathroom was soggy. I soon came to help tidy up and replaced the new floor mats..."
"🚗 Transportation: very convenient. We got there in more than 20 minutes from Dongcheng. The hotel parking is also very convenient 🧹Hygienic: clean and tidy is very good, the king-size bed is also spacious with a baby sleeping 🍃Environment: The environment is also good, there are many lychee trees by the pool, and the lake on the other side 🔔Service: The service is also super good. Stefanie also called in advance to find out if she brought the baby. She prepared children's bathrobes and other supplies for the children in advance. It was very considerate. When we arrived at the hotel, Stefanie and Daniel warmly welcomed us and helped us check in and upgraded the room type. I prepared gifts for the children 🐻 The little ones are so happy"
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418 Reviews
No.2 Hongmian Road, Dongguan, Guangdong, China
47.8km from Bao'an International Airport
23.2km from Downtown
"Considered the best hotel in Dongguan! Close to Songshan Lake, a good place for running and exercising. Every stay is very pleasant and satisfying! As always, I would like to thank the front desk manager Will for his enthusiasm and courtesy, very friendly and professional attitude, polite and generous. Always give my friends the meticulous care and service every time, moved! This time I went with my family, who also appreciated the hotel and the service! Like it 👍"
"Songshan Lake is so beautiful! Every morning, you can see the elegant and quiet lake view. It is a place for singles and couples in a daze, and it is especially suitable for group building activities! Hot spring swimming pool, invincible lake surface, let people relax! It’s best to have a lake view in the room, and rooms with numbers 25-38 have the most beautiful views"
"The hotel is right by the Songshan Lake, with a beautiful and quiet environment! Many details are designed to be very user-friendly. For example, there are chairs in the elevator and small stools in the toilet. The elderly think it is very considerate, like it 👍"
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2682 Reviews
No.208 Dongzong Avenue, Dongguan, Guangdong, China
69.8km from Bao'an International Airport
12.3km from Dongguan Railway Station
1.9km from Dongcheng
13.2km from Shilong Railway Station
2.2km from Tianbao
5.5km from Downtown
13.8km from Dongguan Railway Station
"The location of the hotel is very good. It is close to the Wanda business district. It is a few hundred meters away from the Wanda Shopping Plaza. It is very convenient for eating and shopping. The room is clean and hygienic, very warm, the front desk service attitude and sense of service are very good, and will take the initiative to say hello, especially the front office manager Alex, who is proactive and responsible and patient is super good. There are also the front desk girls Denise Qin and CiCi Chen, the service is very good! Very recommended hotel."
"Fortunately, my room type was upgraded to a presidential suite when I checked in. This is the first time in my life! The luxurious feeling cannot be expressed in words, just look at the picture. The breakfast is good, the evening buffet has sashimi salmon, the surrounding environment is good, next to Wanda Plaza, the hotel has open-air and underground parking 🅿️The hotel staff are very polite, as long as you walk by you will greet, the front desk handles it The staff is also efficient and very fast. Like manually 👍"
"My wife and I stayed at this restaurant for 5 days. I felt very satisfied and pleasantly surprised, especially the front desk Kitty, Melody, and Yito Fan were full of smiles and enthusiasm. We did not feel such caring and heart-warming service at the Peninsula Hotel and Carlton Hotel in Hong Kong. Thank you, keep on cheering 💪, we will definitely come back to meet you again."
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3061 Reviews
Haide Square, No.200 Hongfu Road, Dongguan, Guangdong, China
65.8km from Bao'an International Airport
16.1km from Shilong Railway Station
280m from Hongfu Road
16.4km from Dongguan Railway Station
1.6km from Qifeng Park
2.1km from Downtown
"It is very convenient to check in, I went out to work after I entered the room, and didn't care about the big bed. When I came back to sleep at night, I lay down and was shocked that the five-star hotel actually used a hardboard bed. Inexplicable, incredible! Think about it late, go to bed first, after two o'clock, I really can't sleep and call the front desk. I asked, are all the big beds in the hotel hard-board beds? Answer, sir, I’m sorry, the hotel has a few hard-bedded rooms, just arranged for you. The result of the treatment was to upgrade to a room with a large bed with normal softness. Satisfied with the processing result. However, when checking in at the front desk, should we be careful, and should we consult guests when encountering rooms with special equipment? This self-determined arrangement affects the guest's experience of the entire check-in process, and most importantly, it also visualizes the guest's sleep quality."
"This time I booked a three-day superior twin room, the hotel was upgraded to an executive double bed for free, and there were welcome fruits every day. The first time I stayed in the hotel, I added a personal butler’s WeChat, which was convenient for communication. The service of Zhang’s butler was very good. Swiping the parking card is done with the help of WeChat Butler. There are also children’s slippers, toiletries and toys for children."
"The hotel service is very good, the facilities are complete, and the butler is warm and friendly! Check-in and check-out speed is very fast👍The room is clean and sanitary, so you can stay at ease. The quality of the catering is well received, and the surrounding business districts can definitely meet the needs of adults and children. Must be the first choice for staying in Dongguan👍 [Moving night view]"
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728 Reviews
No.9 Dongcheng East Road, Dongguan, Guangdong, China
70.2km from Bao'an International Airport
12.8km from Dongguan Railway Station
2.4km from Dongcheng
13.5km from Shilong Railway Station
3.1km from Qifeng Park
6.5km from Downtown
"Very suitable for parent-child travel or business travel. Recently special period. So the outdoor swimming pool is closed. We play in the indoor swimming pool. Go once or twice a day. There is a constant temperature pool for the elderly to go in for a dip. Staff service attitude is very good. The hygiene is also very clean. Every afternoon someone brings fruit to the room. I will definitely stay there for a few more days when I am free."
"Thank you for the amazing hospitality! This is my second time staying in this hotel and it sure is amazing! I enjoyed the staff being so polite and fast-paced. The room is very spacious. The bathroom is also very spacious as well. The bed is extremely comfortable. You can just sink into it. I had a wonderful experience here. Thank you again for the accommodating me. I had a wonderful experience. The restaurants are also delicious! "
"The hotel is generally very good, next to McDonald's, opposite Wal-Mart, Peach Garden, tea restaurant and so on. It is very convenient to buy and eat. The rooms are also clean, the beds are very comfortable, all disposable hygiene products are available, towels, toothbrushes, toothpaste, slippers. The only inconvenience is that there are too few sockets and a power strip for charging."
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1415 Reviews
Intersection of Dongfeng Road and S256 Provincial Road, Dongguan, Guangdong, China
54.0km from Bao'an International Airport
10.8km from Humen Railway Station
910m from Liaoxia
10.4km from Humen Railway Station
17.1km from Humendong Railway Station
1.8km from Shanmei
13.9km from Downtown
"I stayed in a hotel in Houjie Town for the first time. I was shocked by the magnificent lobby. The room was super big. The toilet can be a separate room. You can also watch TV while taking a bubble bath, which is better than hotels in the city. Too much! It rained heavily during the May Day trip and all activities in the hotel. The hotel’s service is very considerate, and the customer group is engaged, and the hotel’s activity time and program arrangements are released in the group. There are parent-child paintings, bubble shows, watching movies, spa treatments, and fitness and swimming in the hotel. The hotel manager in the group also posted information about shopping malls, auto shows, and other activities in the surrounding area. They were really thoughtful! The buffet is delicious and fresh. It is also because of the rain. Many guests gather in the hotel to dine, many people, but the hotel responds quickly and solves the problem quickly. Likes likes likes! Special thanks to Manager Xiao Wang, the service is very good, the hotel has a good atmosphere for parent-child activities, the room is satisfied, and I will come next time. Thank you The only shortcomings: First, the room card design, the card design machine is difficult to identify; second, the spa is a bit pitted, insufficient guidance, opaque service items, and a bit of a strong charge."
"Among the major hotels in Dongguan, the most cost-effective one. I booked a parent-child room with buffet for two mornings and two nights. Checking in during the May 1st holiday was less than 800 yuan. The evening buffet has salmon and other sashimi, as well as other Chinese dishes. The room is very suitable for bringing children in. There are special slippers and toothbrushes for children. The attitude of the front desk staff is very good, and the business is handled very quickly!"
"The service staff is super nice, the parent-child rooms are fully booked, and they help us to give us the toys from other rooms. The children have a lot of fun! The room is very comfortable! Spent a nice weekend here"
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559 Reviews
"The Yingbin Hotel provides a great place for travelers to relax after a busy day. The Yingbin Hotel offers a pleasant stay in Dongguan for those traveling for business or leisure. The hotel is 18km from Humen Railway Station and 61km from Bao'an International Airport. Seeing Dongguan's sights from this hotel is easy with Xihu Amusement Park, Dongguan Botanical Garden and Leminbingxue World all close by. At the end of a busy day, travelers can unwind and relax in the hotel or go out and enjoy the city. This Dongguan hotel provides parking on site. If cleanliness is important to you, this hotel makes an excellent choice, as our guests consider this to be one of the cleanest hotels in the city. This hotel is a popular accommodation for guests traveling with families. "
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895 Reviews
No.32 Middle Dongcheng Road, Dongguan, Guangdong, China
67.9km from Bao'an International Airport
13.6km from Dongguan Railway Station
270m from Qifeng Park
14.4km from Shilong Railway Station
2.3km from Hongfu Road
3.8km from Downtown
14.7km from Dongguan Railway Station
"The hotel is located at the foot of Huangqi Mountain in Dongguan City. The air is fresh and pleasant, clean and tidy. It is 300 meters away from the Qifeng Station of Dongguan Metro Line 2 and is convenient for travel. Good service, responsive, convenient parking, suitable for business trips, family trips, family and friends gatherings and other activities."
"The location is excellent, in a prosperous area, the transportation is very convenient for eating and drinking nearby, the hotel staff and services are also very good, but the facilities are older, mainly because I saw on the Internet that there are outdoor and indoor swimming pools, the outdoor swimming pool is very beautiful, you can go as soon as you arrive at the hotel Swim, it is recommended, parking is free"
"This hotel is really good. Their breakfast buffet is amazing and their rooms are EXTREMELY big with very good service. The swimming pool is amazing and they have multiple pools so you can always pick the one you like. The location is quiet and very good for family vacation. "
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1039 Reviews
No.8 Yingbin Road, Dongguan, Guangdong, China
66.6km from Bao'an International Airport
22.2km from Shilong Railway Station
9.7km from Downtown
"The environment and service are really good, that is, the diet is perfunctory. There is really nothing to eat for breakfast, and it is not delicious. Dinner is okay, only lamb chops, fish steaks, and chicken steaks can be selected, but I don’t know those bread salads Did you leave it for too long? Let’s leave it at breakfast. After eating it all night, stomach pain, severe diarrhea, sigh~"
"Very good, the service is also very good, the check-in and check-out procedures are very convenient, the room is clean and clean, and the maintenance of landscaping can feel more attentive. I just happened to meet someone holding a lawn wedding. The place is really good and the swimming pool is also very beautiful. Dongguan chooses this."
"The third time I came to Fengjing, my preferred hotel in Dongguan. I like her unique style, exquisite gardens, refreshing air, quiet nights, spacious rooms, bathrooms and balconies, and the sound of the fountain. My favorite is the floor Glass windows. The breakfast is rich, and the Chinese restaurant orders dinner can be delivered directly to the room."
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