Top 10 Dongyuan Hotels

Top 10 Dongyuan Hotels


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No.447 Qingxi Road, Jiaxing, Zhejiang, China
6.9km from Jiaxing South Railway Station
8.8km from Jiaxing Railway Station
7.6km from Downtown
6.5km from Jiaxing South Railway Station
"Goliath, an island and a hotel, works of Dutch designers, minimalist black and white and marble, original wooden furniture. Compared to the noisy Wuzhen and Xitang, this small lake heart island seems to be as independent as a paradise. After staying for two nights, the front desk was intimately upgraded to a deluxe room, more than fifty square meters, large floor-to-ceiling windows, a small tent and a Japanese-style tatami tea room. Toiletries use the L'Occitane Glass series, the bathroom glass is heated, and even has a huge air purifier. Every detail is well done. When I went to the Ogiwara Museum next door, I discovered that the napkin carton in the room had to be sold for more than 300. When drinking tea, the waiter who cleaned the house kindly reminded me to be careful about the pot. One thousand, I suddenly understood why I had to pay so many deposits. The two disadvantages are that the breakfast is too sloppy and the flowers on the table are fake."
"The hotel is located in Huxin Island on the edge of a residential area. There are security guards in and out of the vehicle. It stops at the roadside and is actually integrated with the art gallery. The whole decoration style is minimal, and everything used is just fine. It may be relatively new. There is a bit of smell in the hallway, and the room can be ventilated. The big bed room is much larger than the standard room. I sent the art gallery tickets and afternoon tea. Afternoon tea arrived late, and after a while, it was the simpler one. I saw two staff members in two days. The restaurant staff is more than the guests, dinner is out to eat, breakfast is really simple, no noodles, no porridge."
"Modern + minimalist hotel, located on a small artificial island, with lots of green vegetation and good privacy. The hardware facilities are high-end, the room is equipped with Bose sound, the towels are thick, and the beds are comfortable. There are also buckwheat pillows and cassia pillows to meet the hard pillow population. The hotel is equipped with a swimming pool. The gym facilities are more complete than the international five-star hotel. There are steppers and crawlers, and I have tried it myself. Insufficient, the taste of the logs in the room is somewhat heavy; the air conditioning sound is too loud; the breakfast is obviously worse than 2 grades. The overall is still quite satisfactory."
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88 Yingbin Avenue (Yingbin Dadao), Jiaxing, Zhejiang, China
4.4km from Jiaxing Railway Station
9.6km from Jiaxing South Railway Station
910m from Downtown
4.7km from Jiaxing Railway Station
9.5km from Jiaxing South Railway Station
"Opening the door of the hotel room was hit by a surprise. There is a large living room. The room looks very large. The furniture layout inside is very comfortable. The bathroom is also super large. This is not the normal version of the double room, it should be the VIP version of the double room. Stayed very comfortable, the hotel is not far from the Nanhu Revolutionary Memorial Hall, Nanhu Conference Park (where the boat), very convenient. Breakfast is also very rich, and can be eaten at 6:30, it is convenient for travelers who dare to time."
"The location of Boya Hotel is fairly good. It is adjacent to the Red South Lake Scenic Area and a garden-style hotel. The stay is relatively quiet. The room is of a general layout and the equipment is old. The room has musty smell. Complete, but poor wet and dry separation. If you get up late the next day, you can have a light meal in the hotel's Chinese restaurant. The taste of the dishes is OK, but the serving speed is slow. The overall evaluation is average, it is not recommended to travel and live, suitable for business trips."
"The hotel’s service is attentive, the overall facilities are more atmospheric, and the room has a very high rack, which is particularly spacious and bright. Especially the surrounding environment is good, especially suitable for couples leisure and vacation."
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1399 Hongxing Road (Hongxing Lu), Jiaxing, Zhejiang, China
5.5km from Jiaxing Railway Station
17.1km from Jiaxing South Railway Station
7.5km from Downtown
16.0km from Jiaxing South Railway Station
"Mid-Autumn Festival Jiaxing booked two rooms to stay. The lady at the front desk was very enthusiastic and arranged us next to the room for the elderly to take care of. The hotel has a wide variety of breakfasts, as if it were all there. Compared with most hotels, there are more than two bottles of mineral water, and two snacks are free to choose every day. The price is very high. Although the water in one of the rooms was not very smooth when the shower was taken, and the air-conditioning sound was slightly louder, the hotel staff was able to solve the problem quickly and we were very pleased. Especially when leaving the store, the front desk staff once again apologized to us and sent gifts intimately, which made us feel embarrassed. In just three days and two nights, we feel warm everywhere. Like the front desk, room service and maintenance staff! With your services like this, the business will be more and more prosperous! "
"It takes 20 minutes to drive to Nanhu Park. There are not many cars and many traffic lights. The hotel has its own car park, no charge, there is a small supermarket across the road. Ctrip scores are very powerful, from the business family room to the executive family room. A child wash bag, a welcome fruit, a drink and a foot coupon were sent, and a cloth doll was given when leaving. The room is spacious, the bed is soft, the bathroom has a bath and shower head, and there is a post-flushing device. Breakfast is on the 21st floor, the variety is rich, and the west point is slow. Take a taxi to the nearby Wanda Plaza for 8 yuan."
"Mid-Autumn Festival lived in Oceania, the facade is small, but the service is very thoughtful, the room is prepared with a welcome fruit plate, in addition to the general hotel to send mineral water, also sent cans of beverages and milk, the bathroom has a wash. The breakfast is particularly rich, the tea is filled with Jiugongge, the children's tableware is warmly prepared, as well as plum wine, ginseng wine, etc. In short, the price is very high, very satisfied!"
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745 Reviews
No.500 Matang Road, Jiaxing, Zhejiang, China
7.0km from Jiaxing Railway Station
7.1km from Jiaxing South Railway Station
4.0km from Downtown
6.8km from Jiaxing South Railway Station
7.2km from Jiaxing Railway Station
"The hotel is unique. My biggest impression is that the lobby is very big and there are bronze statues of celebrities behind it. The young lady at the front desk also made some popular science for us. 2021 is the 100th anniversary of the party. As a hotel very close to the Red Boat in Nanhu , The overall experience is very good. Still very distinctive!"
"Overall, the experience of staying is good, but the hotel is too big and you have to walk through the corridor to the guest room. Because of the epidemic, I forgot to wear a mask when I went out. I called and asked. The hotel gave us two to the guest room for free, which was quite considerate. In short, the service is very nice."
"Suitable for business trips. I was on a business trip at a branch near the hotel. When I checked in, I asked the front desk of the hotel for a quieter room. I changed the room very intimately. It was super quiet and soundproofed. It is suitable for people like us who run around. Come down and sleep peacefully."
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1885 Reviews
No.688 Juxian Road, Jiaxing, Zhejiang, China
7.8km from Jiaxing Railway Station
17.5km from Jiaxing South Railway Station
9.8km from Downtown
"The hotel I choose every time I go to Jiaxing. Although the location is a bit remote, it is quiet, easy to get in and out by car, and the parking lot is large. The front desk service is okay, try our best to meet the needs of customers, if you are more enthusiastic and kind, it would be better. The rooms are nice, sleep well, and sanitation is fine. There is nothing to eat nearby, but the Chinese restaurant is good. The service is very good and the dishes are good. We recommend the pan-fried buns. There are also coupons on the reviews. The breakfast environment is a bit depressing, and the lighting and layout can be improved. The coffee machine is old-fashioned, and there is no clear description. The service elder sister is a bit different from the brand. Comprehensive judgement, it is still possible to live in, after all, the price is right and the room is also good, I hope the better."
"The lobby of the hotel makes you feel like you are in Sanya, full of vacation style. Free upgrade to the executive room, drinking tea and chatting on the balcony of Linhe, it is as cozy as Dali Erhai Beach. The hotel’s breakfast is also very rich, and the coffee is delicious. The most commendable is the hotel's service, whether it is the receptionist at the door, the front desk brother, or the waiter in the restaurant, all of them are warm and thoughtful. During these years, I have been walking domestically and abroad and have experienced so-called high-end hotels that are several times more expensive than this hotel. If you want to rank, this one can definitely rank in the top 5%, which is at least better than Ningbo Park Hyatt. For hotels, hardware may not be the most important thing, but service. Will come again next time."
"I don’t want to stay in the same city during the Dragon Boat Festival, but I leave as soon as my friends call. Don't want to go to the crowded attractions, we chose Nanbei Lake to play, not many people. In the evening, we found the Hilton Hotel. The brand is different. We only need to open a room for the two big and two small, and we also gave away a children’s meal. The hotel environment is very good, but it rained that day and we couldn’t go shopping. Went to the park outside the hotel. The room is equipped with a bathtub, and the bubble bath is very happy when the child comes back from swimming. The child’s world is simple. The hotel staff is very nice, and cookies are given at check-in"
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561 Reviews
No.787 Linghu East Road, Jiaxing, Zhejiang, China
9.8km from Jiaxing Railway Station
13.6km from Jiashan Railway Station
13.1km from Downtown
10.2km from Jiaxing Railway Station
13.8km from Jiashan Railway Station
"Narada Resort's series of service systems are mature and the hotel staff are well trained and proactive. Will take the initiative to greet and provide a variety of services, especially the hotel Chinese restaurant and western restaurant catering service is good, the time is 7 am to 9:30 in the morning. The waiters are actively pouring water and clearing the tableware. The buffet dishes in the western restaurant are rich, but the taste is average. The Chinese restaurant tastes better than the average restaurant outside. The hotel rooms are large and well equipped. The layout is reasonable and it is very convenient to use. I especially like the terrace, which has good views and good air. The pines and cypresses in the courtyard are very distinctive, worthy of savoring and admiring slowly. The only shortcoming is the smell of paint in the room, which requires an air freshener in the hotel room to dissipate the smell. The hotel room attendants are very considerate to provide Philips high-power air purifiers, which are really awesome. The swimming pool has a constant temperature, bathrobes and barrels of purified water are provided. From 7 am to 11 pm, the time period is very suitable for vacationers. There are karaoke boxes and chess and card rooms next to the gym. These facilities are suitable for gatherings of friends. Some soothing music will be put on the corridors of the hotel rooms to relax the mood, creating a leisurely holiday feeling. There are cakes and drinks in the lobby, and the sofa seats are as comfortable as home, but the window seats are still a bit stuffy."
"The decoration style of this hotel in the Republic of China is sentimental, attentive, meticulous, and affectionate. The lobby is elegant and magnificent. It can be seen that the boss who runs this hotel has spent a lot of thought. If we live in the surrounding area, we must come over regularly to enjoy it. In particular, we should take our niece to swim on the night of our stay. There are a lot of people in the swimming pool. I didn’t expect the swimming pool business of the resort hotel to be so good. Fortunately, the lifesaving brother on duty arranged for us. After having fun in the area, the water temperature was very comfortable and clear. Special thanks to the manager Wang of the swimming pool that night who arranged a coach for us and gave us a free experience class. Although we did not buy a swimming class in the end, we must give it to him. like! I will come to check in in the future, and I hope that next time there will be more room choices! The network is better!"
"Looking at the internet reviews Jiaxing Xiangjiadang Narada Resort Hotel has a good reputation, so I deliberately experienced the vacation life of three days and two nights, but it is very regrettable that because the entire Xiangjiadang scenic spot is being rebuilt, it can’t be close to the lake and can only be far away. Overlooking. The hotel rooms all have balconies, but no screened doors and windows are installed and mosquitoes have been disturbed at night this season. Although the hotel provides electric mosquito coils, they still get bitten. The sanitary facilities in the guest rooms are separated from each other and are spacious, but somehow the two washbasins do not have a drain plug, which is inconvenient to use. The hotel’s buffet breakfast and the Chinese restaurant Yanyuge are the highlights after personal experience. The dishes are delicious, the prices are affordable, and the service is enthusiastic."
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1823 Reviews
No.28 Middle Ring West Road, Jiaxing, Zhejiang, China
5.7km from Jiaxing Railway Station
12.7km from Jiaxing South Railway Station
4.2km from Downtown
12.5km from Jiaxing South Railway Station
"The room has been upgraded to a luxurious double standard room with complete facilities and high floor and wide field of vision. One star has been deducted for each of the four items of sanitation and service. Praise the doorman for service. The front desk staff was very welcoming and their professionalism needed to be strengthened. Particularly unpleasant is the swimming pool. Dirty water in the shower area is clogged over the feet. Not to mention that the swimming pool requires the valuables to be given to the cabinet. Note: valuables include room cards, various cards, cash, car keys, etc. Wait, ha ha ..."
"Sending the child to Jiaxing to study, the three-day 19th floor parent-child room, the room is spacious and bright, clean and tidy. The cleansing Shen Jianfen’s big sister is very good, understanding, human beings and very polite. Every day, the room is very clean, so that the people in our foreign land feel the warmth of their loved ones. Next time I go to Jiaxing, I will definitely choose to stay again. Fu Yue Hotel."
"Must comment, came to this hotel recommended by a friend in Jiaxing. It happened to be a birthday. The hotel room sent a birthday fruit plate. I heard that the restaurant was good and did not go out to eat at night. The waiter pushed in the cake together, which made me feel Fu Yue's enthusiasm, very warm, this is the first time to have a birthday outside so happy, thanks"
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274 Reviews
No.36 West Area of Meiwan Street, Hexing South Road, Jiaxing, Zhejiang, China
2.0km from Jiaxing Railway Station
11.8km from Jiaxing South Railway Station
2.0km from Downtown
2.3km from Jiaxing Railway Station
11.4km from Jiaxing South Railway Station
"Go home and give praise immediately First of all, give us a free upgrade to the courtyard room on the first floor. Once you go into the breezy, it feels very comfortable. Although it is a courtyard converted from an old house, there are no mosquitoes in the room, and the mosquitoes are very good. In the evening, we sent us hot milk and asked about the type of breakfast we want to eat the next day. The breakfast is also made now. I ordered it. My mother ordered the shredded pork and gave me some fruit, black tea and milk. The service is really better than many five-star hotels. Next time you come to Jiaxing, you will choose this side."
"Room upgrade, a large yard, very clean. The front desk staff is very welcoming, like a family. The breakfast restaurant aunt is very good at serving, not enough to add fruit, and the egg is not to be said. Before leaving, I lost a pair of earrings (a gift from my daughter's mother's day), called the hotel, and immediately delivered. Travel around the accommodation, the environment is very good, the hotel is also a place for art display, the design is more elegant. Jiaxing will go there often, and LG said that he will still choose to live here. The main breakfast is clean and it is convenient to eat around."
"Da Zhai Changed Hotel The room is very chic The corridor is full of art Boss wife? Give a big room The facilities are slightly old, the bath water is not hot, and it is good to say hello to the front desk. Warm service can add points Boss wife, Wen Xi Xiao Ge, restaurant aunt, warm and thoughtful Breakfast is freshly cooked and old and old. tasty There is also a Sanhua beauty family in the courtyard rockery. On the edge of Meiwan Street is very quiet Southwest Lake is quiet and comfortable Live very comfortable Xiaopenyou said that he can come back later. Big friend said that next time TB is recommended to come here"
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103 Reviews
No.969 Yundong Road, Jiaxing, Zhejiang, China
6.3km from Jiaxing Railway Station
7.6km from Jiaxing South Railway Station
5.0km from Downtown
6.0km from Jiaxing South Railway Station
"The location of the hotel is very good, the service is in place, the non-smoking room is indeed a non-smoking room! The breakfast is very satisfactory, especially the western food and fruits, the quality of blueberries is super good (who said in the comments that the breakfast was not rich, I almost gave up on it). Although parking is on the ground, there are many places where there are shades of trees and buildings during the day. It is recommended that the executive room be set at the same price, and the treatment of the executive lounge is really great. I didn't know the difference at first, thinking it was the same as the lounge of InterContinental Nanjing. Thanks to the Weiland manager for making reasonable arrangements for us. The 8-year anniversary of the wedding has been very experienced. Special thanks!"
"In Jiaxing Hilton is completely a true 5-star standard. I have lived in Marriott. Four Points before, but I always feel that I lack a sense of service. This time Hilton is indeed a real five-star. The polite reception by the bellman from arrival. The front desk at check-in is for the sake of guests. And the facilities of the room. And the polite attitude of the room attendant to deliver the accessories. I can say it is currently the best hotel in Jiaxing. Indeed, it has truly achieved the standard that an international hotel should have. I hope this can continue."
"I went out to play with my family and chose the Jiaxing Hilton Hotel, which just opened this year. I saw not many reviews on the Internet, but I chose this place. I was really not disappointed! Kris, the on-duty manager who helped with the check-in, introduced us to the facilities and equipment of the hotel very professionally and with a warm and friendly attitude. He also introduced us to some attractions in Jiaxing for the first time when we came to Jiaxing, and praised him for his professionalism. 👍"
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729 Reviews
No.418 Qinyi Road, Jiaxing, Zhejiang, China
6.8km from Jiaxing Railway Station
7.1km from Jiaxing South Railway Station
3.7km from Downtown
7.6km from Jiaxing South Railway Station
"I have always liked Jiaxing, a secluded city in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, a garden city. The hotel is very new, the advantage is that the room is large, the double bed is 1.5m, and it is comfortable with children. There is no need to line up for dinner at the hotel, with Japanese tempura, sushi, and desserts a bit greasy. Give each person a hairy crab, male, not bad. All-you-can-drink red and white wine, yellow wine and beer. The breakfast variety is quite good, just can't eat it. The hotel's sanitation is average, but there are still cigarette butts in the elevator building? The cotton swab box in the swimming pool is also not clean. The kids remembered half price for dinner wrongly for adults. The hotel phone 3 hours after check-out to ask if you want to extend the stay? No wonder there was a complaint at the front desk yesterday that the room card for staying 2 nights is invalid, and the hotel management needs to be improved."
"The Marriott Hotel in the new district should be Marriott’s first hotel in Jiaxing. Because it is an SPG member, Anita and Eric at the front desk helped to upgrade the room types, and also intimately introduced the surrounding sightseeing spots and dinner restaurants. Jiaxing is not a big city. It takes about 20 minutes to take a taxi from Marriott to Nanhu, Yuehe, Meiwan Street, etc. There is a Cantonese-style tea restaurant and a noodle shop within a 2-minute walk from the entrance of the hotel. It is also very convenient to eat out. The hotel’s breakfast is very rich and there is a lot of choice."
"The hotel is in the new district, surrounded by office buildings and new business districts. Although there are not many businesses, it is relatively clean. Not far from various attractions. The staff has a good service attitude, and answers all questions. It’s understandable if you don’t take the initiative to provide room guest supplies, but don’t even put napkins and mineral water. I called and waited for almost 20 minutes. Overall it is pretty good."
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